Update on RadarBox's Station Page: Distance to Station

MyStation Page - Distance to Station 

The RadarBox My Station Page has been updated with a new feature that allows feeders to visualize an aircraft's distance from their ADS-B station.

Distance to Station 

For example, in the screenshot below, we see that Air France flight 422 is 36 nautical miles away from the ADS-B station located in Azores, Portugal. And BAW209 is 119 nautical miles from the station. The distance between aircraft/flight and station is displayed in nautical miles (NM).

MyStation Page - Distance to Station 

MyStation Page - Distance to Station 

How to activate Distance to Station on RadarBox.com

This feature is available to all feeders but feeders can choose to enable or disable it. To enable this feature, visit RadarBox.com,  select "Map Options" and then select"Aircraft Labels," and finally toggle the "Show Distance to Station" button.

Tutorial on how to activate Distance to Station on My Station Page

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