AirNav RadarBox 1090 MHz filter

AirNav’s first portable and compact 1090MHz ADS-B filter.

Why use a filter?

Tracking flights via ADS-B in dense urban areas has a unique set of challenges. Prime among them is the issue of interference. Trying to isolate a particular frequency range can be problematic since a lot of the out-of-band frequency gets picked up. AirNav’s first portable 1090MHz ADS-B filter is designed to solve this problem by significantly reducing interference and optimizing 1090 MHz ADS-B reception, while increasing tracking range.

The 1090 MHz Filter is an ideal addition to your exisiting ADS-B setup. Buy it at or on RadarBox Store.



Listed here are some of the features that make the RadarBox ADS-B Filter a great choice.


Setting Up

Follow the block diagram below to correctly connect your Radarbox 1090 ADS-B Filter to your existing ADS-B setup.  





Need More Help?

If you're facing any sort of difficulty in setting up your filter, please get in touch with Radarbox Support.

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