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The world's best selling and most advanced Real Time Virtual Radar. Easy plug and play Mode-S and ADS-B Receiver with Software included. All-in-one package. All-in-one package and no add-ons required. Share your station feed with others.

AirNav RadarBox is the closest you can get to real world aviation without leaving your chair thanks to next generation Radar decoding. By decoding ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast) radar signals, you will be able to see on your computer what real Air Traffic Controllers see on their screens in Real-Time. The Flight number, aircraft type, altitude, heading, speed are all updated each second. Included is the award winning software interface developed by the world's leader in flight tracking and monitoring solutions, AirNav Systems.

AirNav RadarBox Features

  • Real-Time Radar ADS-B decoder hardware included
  • No need for an external power supply
  • Plug-and-play USB connection
  • Light weight easy to carry aluminum box
  • Track local and network flights in real-time
  • Flight ID, registration, altitude, speed, heading and vertical speed
  • Navigational Aid information powered by Navigraph
  • Accurate Aircraft information maintained daily by a team of volunteers
  • Based on the award winning 3D multi-window map interface
  • Easy plug & play USB connection, no complex time consuming setup
  • ACARS Decoder interface
  • Generate and share reports automatically
  • Share screen shots with your friends
  • MyLog: log all and share with your friends all the aircraft you receive
  • Alert generation for specific aircraft or in-range flights
  • Radar player to review airspace recordings
  • Editable 400 thousand callsign database included
  • Automatic detection of user location
  • Fully integrated 3D Flight Tracking
  • Embedded application Google Earth Interface
  • Over 600 Models/Liveries Included
  • 1. Connect the AirNav RadarBox to your computer using the USB cable provided
    2. Install the software from the CD
    3. Start Tracking flights in real-time!
  • RadarBox Network
  • Professional email and forum support
  • Standard 3D interface
Full Download for the latest version:

Upgrade from previous versions:

Latest Drivers
Our new Microsoft Certified Driver package is now available from:

For RadarBox FlightStick driver installer:

1- Download the file above;
2- Unzip it to a folder on your computer;
3- Disconnect your RadarBox USB cable, wait a few seconds and connect it again;
4- When Windows prompts you to find the proper RadarBox driver browse the folder where you have extracted your drivers to;

1- Go to Windows Control Panel - Device Manager- USB Controllers - RadarBox - Driver - Update Driver
2- Point at the relevant folder and install the drivers;
Feel free to :htmlOpencontact our support:htmlClose if you have any question.

Feel free to contact our support if you have any question.
Package Contents:
  • RadarBox Hardware Unit
  • USB Cable
  • Antenna
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • Setup CD with Software

AirNav RadarBox Online Help: https://www.airnavsystems.com/radarbox/help
AirNav at Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/AirNavSystems
Presentation Leaflet: All the information you need in 4 pages
Documentation and Video Support:
Download AirNav RadarBox Docs and Manuals
Magazine Articles:
RadarBox Reviews
Why RadarBox: Deciding between RadarBox or our competition? Differences Here
Forum: Join our Community and visit the RadarBox Forum to learn more.
Translated Help/Manual: available in German, Spanish, French and other languages here.

AirNav Live Flight Tracker

Live Flight Tracker, the first and only flight tracking application that integrates flight data from the FAA Radar Systems (ASDI) and AirNav Systems worldwide Mode-s/ADS-B network.

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to track flights over Europe, North America or any other regions of the world in real time? With Live Flight Tracker, an average of 8000 flights can be tracked worldwide. And now, the best FT software in the market has gotten even better. With new graphics and a brand new user interface, tracking flights is easier, faster and more reliable. You can now track blocked flights, check aircraft registration, see optimized flight data processing routlines, get automatic Airport Weather information and much more. Based on our robust RadarBox technology, additional features include: New flight data source information, auto detection your location, auto save of all application settings, different colors for different flight stages and more frequent screen updates.

AirNav Live Flight Tracker Features

  • Data Sources - United States ASDI and RadarBox Worldwide Mode-s/ADS-B Network (Professional Edition can track flights using Flight Plan)
  • FleetWatch - Fleetwatch: monitor your fleet status H24
  • ADS-B - Fully prepared for ADS-B NexGen technology - integrates ADS-B information
  • All Flights - Airline and general aviation flights included
  • Follow a Flight - Track a flight function
  • Tracking Options - Track flights by operator, airport
  • Graphics - Superior graphics and interface
  • Unlimited - Unlimited number of tracked flights
  • Account Info - Account information window inside the application
  • Low Bandwidth - Low bandwidth requirement / faster downloads of data
  • Weather - Realtime weather (METAR)
  • All Airports - All airports listed even very small airfields
  • Locate - Locate feature: center your map in any city, airport or aviation navigation location
  • Technology - Based on the award winning AirNav RadarBox Technology
  • Share - Share screen shots with your friends
  • Your Location - Automatic detection of user location
  • Move your mouse over a map and you will see detailed flight information (Flight Number, Origin, Destination, Aircraft, Altitude, Heading, Speed, elapsed and remaining time).You will also see detailed airport and airspace information.
  • Data comes in real-time from the FAA and is worked 7x24 to provide you with the most reliable flight information available.
  • These include NOAA, NASA, IBM, Sanford Airport Authority, Calgary Airport Authority, Delta Airlines, Honeywell, US Coast Guard, DaimlerChrysler, TV and Radio Stations and hundreds of Airports, Small Jet Operators and Travel related companies.
  • Use our forum for topics that you want to discuss about Flight Data or send us an email, your questions will be answered in 24 hours

AirNav FS Live Traffic 3

AirNav Systems is the market leader for Flight Tracking Software and owns the world's biggest real-time flight position database.

AirNav FS Live Traffic 3 is a three time, MyTraffic award, winning AI traffic add on for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Voted by over 9000 voters of the Simflight award, this add on brings the most complete, frame rate friendly AI traffic into your flight simulator.

These two are the best of the best and have now come together to develop FS Live Traffic. And most current version is the FS Live Traffic 3.

What is it about? Simple! Your traffic will no longer follow the published schedules of airlines, as the initial first generation AI traffic products did, or optimized schedules for the Microsoft Flight Simulator world. Now you can jump straight into the traffic as in the real world. Your simulation will initiate for one minute before you fire up Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Every canceled flight, every delay, every extra flight will show up live! Sounds complicated? Not at all. You just need to start a small program that fetches all north american flight data from AirNav Systems servers and starts a converter that creates a traffic scenery file. Once this is done you can start Microsoft Flight Simulator. You no longer waste time optimizing traffic. Go live now.

AirNav FS Live Traffic Features

  • First it brings all necessary aircraft models and paints to simulate the traffic in and to North America and Europe / Other regions of the globe.
    For current version included models and paints please visit AirNav Systems Homepage.
  • Second it brings a collection of more than 1600 enhanced airports, which have been tested on many live schedules to support the aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator X that have been found live in hundreds of samples to visit them.
  • Third it brings the software to download the current flight information, and to automatically convert them to schedules. User interaction is neither necessary nor foreseen with this - you cannot be more realistic than LIVE.
  • Fourth it will bring updates to software, airports and aircraft and free downloads of these during the subscription period.
  • FS Live Traffic 3 brings you a selection of 195 aircraft models, exceeding all other AI packages by far.
  • Data comes in real-time from the FAA and AirNav Systems Professional Worldwide ADS-B Network. It is worked 24x7 to provide you with the most reliable flight information available.
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X and an Internet connection.
    All models designed with GMAX use latest Poly-LOD technology.
AirNav FS Live Traffic 3
For Flight Simulator X
File Size: 79.5 Mb

AirNav ShipTrax

AirNav ShipTrax is the most advanced Windows based Ship Tracking application. By receiving ship data from various sources (AIS, TCP/IP, AIS Networks) you will be able to track ships all over the world in real-time.

This product is something never seen in the marine community and results from a 15 year experience in the development of high-tech award winning aviation solutions.

Details shown include Ship Name, Position, Photo, Navigation data (location, speed, track), IMO/MMSI/Callsign, Ship Type and dimensions. The MyLog feature maintains a database of all received ships, last known position and voyage details.

AirNav ShipTrax Features

  • Track ships in real-time
  • Ship Name, Type, IMO/ MMSI / Callsign data
  • Ship Navigation data: speed, track destination
  • Accurate 110 thousand ship database included
  • Able to get data from an AIS receiver, TCP/IP connection and various AIS networks
  • See what other ShipTrax users receive in real-time
  • Based on the award winning 3D multi-window map interface
  • Real-Time photos of all tracked ships
  • Generate and share reports automatically
  • Share screen shots with your friends
  • MyLog: log all and share with your friends all the ships you receive
  • Alert generation for specific ships
  • Recorder/player to review navigation recordings
  • Advanced Filters
  • SmartView / Fleet Monitoring option
  • Automatic detection of user location
  • Real-Time AIS decoder hardware (optional)
  • Easy plug & play USB connection, no complex time consuming setup
  • Fully integrated 3D Ship Tracking
  • Embedded application Google Earth Interface
  • 1. Connect the AirNav ShipTrax receiver to your computer using the USB cable provided. It is also possible to connect using an Ethernet port (to your router) or using a serial cable.
    2. Install the software from the CD
    3. Start Tracking ships in real-time!
  • ShipTrax Network is a complete worldwide ship data bank with detailed information of on over 10 thousand ships worldwide.
    This information includes ship position, destination port and arrival time, ship dimensions and ship photo.
  • Use our forum for topics that you want to discuss about Ship Data or send us an email, your questions will be answered in 24 hours

AirNav ACARS Decoder

AirNav ACARS Decoder is by far the world's most successful ACARS Decoder currently available.

With years of experience, AirNav Systems has developed the AirNav ACARS Decoder, a product with extreme performance (low messages loss), with all the features an aviation enthusiast needs.

Stop using expensive and complex ACARS decoders that require hardware and is difficult to set up.

You just need a source of ACARS messages (an airband receiver or an internet connection). That's it. You will start receiving real aviation data & messages, sent from flights, in real-time.

AirNav ACARS Decoder Features

  • Real-time ACARS Decoding
  • Real-time flight information (registration, type, company)
  • New Live Text Log with aircraft pictures
  • Renewed interface
  • Connects to Internet ACARS Servers to receive messages without an airband receiver
  • Automatic Accurate Aircraft Data Download
  • Flight Watch feature
  • Statistics in real-time
  • Editable Aircraft Database
  • Compatible with AirNav Suite and AirNav RadarBox
  • Receive ACARS messages in real-time with just an internet connection. The software connects to a worldwide network of ACARS servers.
  • Powered by the world's largest aircraft picture database (over half a million pictures stored) you will see a photo of the aircraft sending the ACARS message.
  • Use our forum for topics that you want to discuss about Flight Data or send us an email, your questions will be answered in 24 hours.
  • Microsoft Windows, any version.

AirNav Selcal Decoder

AirNav Selcal Decoder enables you to decode in real-time Aviation HF Selcal transmissions.

AirNav Selcal Decoder only needs an HF airband receiver and your Sound Card. No special PC based hardware needed. Just connect your radio to your PC Sound Card using a simple audio cable. Download now and after ordering you will be able to decode Selcal transmissions in real-time.

AirNav Selcal Decoder Features

  • Real-time Selcal Decoding
  • Real-time information on the decoded Aircraft (registration, type, company)
  • Manual change of decoded data possible
  • Report Generation in TXT format
  • The program receives in real-time information from your Sound Card, decodes it and shows you details on the aircraft being received.
  • Microsoft Windows, any version.
  • Use our forum for topics that you want to discuss about Flight Data or send us an email, your questions will be answered in 24 hours.
  • If you register online, you will receive your registration codes by email immediately.

AirNav Suite

AirNav Suite 4 is the most advanced programming technology currently used for Aircraft Tracking. Using this Software the task of tracking aircraft is made easier.

Welcome to the most powerful Flight Tracking and Monitoring application available for the aviation enthusiast.

By being able to receive data from 4 different data sources, AirNav Suite 4 can show you flight data in an easy and organized way and can even show you photos of the tracked aircraft.

AirNav Suite Features

  • Completely rewritten software and renewed interface
  • New ACARS and Selcal real-time Interfaces
  • ACARS, HF and VHF real-time Tracking and Monitoring
  • Internet Semi real-time Tracking (300 flights/hour worldwide)
  • View photos of tracked aircraft
  • Automatic flight information in Terminal mode
  • Real-time Weather Information
  • Flight data from Wacars databases
  • Information Ticker and Auto Time Set
  • No more need for BDE
  • Backup of database data
  • New Log and Map file formats
  • Sunrise/Sunset views
  • Compatible with all ACARS decoders
  • Multi-Window Tracking
  • New All Heard Aircraft Management
  • Unlimited number of tracked flights and waypoints/flight
  • Accurate estimation of times and waypoints
  • Faster, more accurate and easier to use. The new graphical Interface makes the use of maps very simple. With just a few mouse clicks, you can zoom, resize and pan your current view of the airspace.
  • Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000. Internet Connection
  • Use our forum for topics that you want to discuss about Flight Data or send us an email, your questions will be answered in 24 hours

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