AirNav RadarBox Features: Weather Layers

The image above: Weather layers overlayed on the map

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AirNav RadarBox features 8 advanced weather layers relevant to commercial/private and general aviation flights and aviation safety.

RadarBox weather layer includes: 

  • Cloud coverage
  • Total precipitation 
  • Intense precipitation 
  • North America radar
  • Wind Barbs 
  • Significant Weather FL 250-360
  • Volcanic Eruptions

Cloud coverage 

The cloud layer provides information such as the movement and location of clouds on the map. And it is updated throughout the day to provide you with further accurate information.

The image above: Cloud Coverage overlayed on the map

Total precipitation  

The total precipitation layer displays the total amount of rainfall in a given region; Something important to keep in mind is that, depending on the colors of the total precipitation layer, this means a greater or lesser volume of rain in that location. Along with this weather layer, the North American radar highlights the volume and movement of rainfall across North America.

The image above: Total precipitation overlayed on the map

Intense precipitation  

The intense precipitation layer features areas where there are large showers and heavy rainfall. An essential feature for operating flights and diverting routes to avoid hail, heavy storms, and turbulence along the way.

The image above: Intense precipitation overlayed on the map

Wind barbs 

The Wind barbs layer provides wind direction and speed from 10,000 feet to 51,000 feet worldwide—another crucial tool for flight planning and maximizing potential routes where there are more favorable winds or tailwinds. Tailwind is a wind blowing in the same direction as the object is moving, increasing the speed of the aircraft and spending less time on a course on the way to the final destination. 

The image above: Wind barbs overlayed on the map

Significant Weather 

The Significant Weather layer highlights the adverse weather conditions at high altitudes - between FL250 and FL360. Another handy feature for the aviation industry.

The image above: Significant Weather overlayed on the map


AIRMETS and SIGMETS display significant adverse conditions on the map, such as thunderstorms, turbulence, restrictions, cold fronts, ice, etc. 

The image above: AIRMET & SIGMET overlayed on the map


SIGMET is a message concerning the occurrence or prediction of certain weather phenomena (ice, cyclone, thunderstorm, and turbulence) en route and other phenomena in the atmosphere (volcanic ash, radioactive cloud, and volcano) that affect the safety of flight operations.


AIRMET is a message consisting of a concise description concerning the occurrence or prediction of en-route weather phenomena, not included in Section I of GAMET, which may affect the safety of air operations below FL100 (or FL150 for mountainous areas).

The image above: SIGMET information overlayed on the map

Volcano Eruptions 

The volcano eruptions layer consists of information about the activity of volcanoes around the world with forecasts and observations consisting of altitude, etc. Consistently updated, with real-time data on volcano activity around the world.

The image above: Volcano Eruptions overlayed on the map

The image above: Volcano Fuego - information overlayed on the map

How to activate weather layers on 

The image above: Weather layers overlayed on the map

To use the advanced weather layers, simply navigate to the right side of the page and select the fourth item, "Weather". Opening the tab, click on the weather layer you want to activate, for example, Cloud Coverage. And by clicking on "Opacity," you can change the opacity of this weather layer on the map by moving your mouse over this option.

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