Last active Flights

AA4939CRJ7 (N765SK)Midland, TX (MAF/KMAF)
06:28 CST
Phoenix, AZ (PHX/KPHX)
07:33 MST
AA4531E75L (N433YX)Louisville, KY (SDF/KSDF)
07:28 EST
Washington, VA (DCA/KDCA)
09:05 EST
01h28mEst. Arrival 08:46 EST
AA1885A319 (N9010R)Charlotte, NC (CLT/KCLT)
07:28 EST
Wilmington, NC (ILM/KILM)
08:29 EST
01h04mEst. Arrival 08:23 EST
AAL777QA321 (N535UW)Atlanta, GA (ATL/KATL)
07:28 EST
Phoenix, AZ (PHX/KPHX)Scheduled
NJE554GC68A (CS-LUA)Status N/A
G9553A320 (A6-ANY)Status N/A
KU784A20N (9K-AKS)Status N/A
FR1130B738 (9H-QBP)Valencia (VLC/LEVC)Nuremberg (NUE/EDDN)Status N/A
AA1881B738 (N358PW)Charlotte, NC (CLT/KCLT)
07:27 EST
Nassau (NAS/MYNN)
09:41 EST
02h17mEst. Arrival 09:41 EST
8C3545B763 (N379AZ)Ontario, CA (ONT/KONT)
04:27 PST
Lakeland, FL (LAL/KLAL)Scheduled
LA4201A320 (CC-BLO)Montería (MTR/SKMR)
07:27 COT
Bogota (BOG/SKBO)
08:42 COT
FR1283B738 (EI-DLC)Barcelona (BCN/LEBL)Jerez de la Forntera (XRY/LEJR)Status N/A
DP995B738 (RA-73250)Status N/A
BPO305EC20 (D-HARE)Status N/A
WMT9FEA321 (HA-LXA)Status N/A
FSL88PC21 (2212)Status N/A
FDB2PMB738 (A6-FEJ)Status N/A
THY48PA321 (TC-JTG)Status N/A
THY8TWA321 (TC-JRT)Status N/A
ROT644UAT76 (YR-ATK)Status N/A
B61242A321 (N975JT)Status N/A
LYBGV1C172 (LY-BGV)Status N/A
B6751A321 (N973JT)New York, NY (JFK/KJFK)Cancún (CUN/MMUN)Status N/A
HA459A332 (N392HA)Honolulu, HI (HNL/PHNL)Seoul (ICN/RKSI)Status N/A
H4481A319 (ER-SKY)Status N/A
DLA9FLE195 (I-ADJS)Status N/A
NAP1- Status N/A
WCP253P28A (N444ND)Status N/A

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