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Flight Insights on Demand API

Leverage the power of data used by aviation professionals around the globe

RadarBox's low-cost "Credit-per-Result" API program enables users to leverage the insights from live and historical flight data in real-time. The API can be seamlessly integrated within your applications giving you insights on demand.


We have three quick start plans designed to get you up and running and leveraging our data quickly. You will have 7 days to try each plan before being billed. You can cancel at any time with us (although there are discounts for those who would like pre-paid yearly subscriptions). Upon completing the application form, you will get immediate access to our data and to our support and development team who can help you integrate the API products into your application.

Need even MORE credits? No problem!
We have plans up to 20M credits a month! Contact Sales to discuss Enterprise API plans.

Enterprise level data in an affordable package

In today’s high-tech telemetric and big data landscape, the need for on demand flight tracking data has never been greater. Routing, tracking, commercial and historical flight data play a key role in providing airlines and aviation service providers the essential data they require for efficient day to day operations and management.

Data is aggregated from ten (10) different sources such as ADS-B, FAA SWIM, MLAT and EUROCONTROL. A large network of volunteer feeders in all parts of the world feed ADS-B data using ground receivers provided by AirNav RadarBox. As of January 2020, the company has over 15,000 feeders who actively feed data to the website; one of the largest networks in the world. With offices in the US and in Europe, AirNav Systems has a team from over ten countries with all types of backgrounds – air traffic controllers, airline pilots, and engineers. AirNav Systems team members have a passion for aviation and a deep understanding of big data computing and the insights such data can enable.

RadarBox’s newest offering – API aims to fulfill this increasing demand by providing flight data that is reliable, affordable and most importantly backed by the trust of professional users across the globe who use our data on a daily basis.

RadarBox's Credit-per-Result API enables clients to tap into both live and historical flight data supplied by an extensive ground and satellite based flight information network in real-time. Data comes from a multitude of sources including ground and satellite based ADS-B, ANSP and commercial flight data providers, airports and airlines. The API can be seamlessly integrated with client and third party applications. The only pre-requisite is that users are required to have an active business subscription.

We're kind of a big deal

AirNav Systems has one of the largest series of tracking stations to monitor air traffic in the world. Their data and reports have been used by media outlets, charters, logistics companies, and more to power insights and provide information to customers.

Their data even powers some of the better known consumer ADS-B websites and applications in the industry. Along with flight tracking, AirNav Systems also maintains arrival & departure information and historical flight data.

This data can be leveraged to understand traffic patterns, airport utilization, and gain meaningful business insights for marketing, operations, and investment decisions.

Who uses our Data? You're in great company

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