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RadarBox.com - On Demand API Pricing


Credit based pricing

The Credit-per-Query API is a volume based pricing model used by RadarBox, where customers purchase monthly credits in large volumes based on projected monthly use.

RadarBox offers a number of monthly (pay-per-month) and subscription plans that customers can choose from.

The primary advantage of the Credit-per-Query API pricing system is that it affords flexibility for customers who are unsure about their application’s requirements. Customers can subscribe or purchase a lower plan at first and then upgrade during the month if their requirements increase.


The only pre-requisite is that customers must have an active business account on RadarBox.com to access the on demand API.

Credit System Pay as you go

1 10,000 $180 / $0.018 per credit $120 / $0.012 per credit* * Pay annually and get 20% discount
2 50,000 $450 / $0.009 per credit $300 / $0.006 per credit* * Pay annually and get 20% discount
3 100,000 $750 / $0.007 per credit $500 / $0.005 per credit* * Pay annually and get 20% discount
4 250,000 $1,500 / $0.006 per credit $1,000 / $0.004 per credit* * Pay annually and get 20% discount
5 1,000,000 $4,500 / $0.004 per credit $3,000 / $0.003 per credit* * Contact sales
6 5,000,000** $15,000 / $0.003 per credit $10,000 / $0.002 per credit* * Contact sales
**For requirements over 5,000,000 credits and TCP-IP requirements please contact sales.


Flight status or position call: 1 credit


All credits are valid for one month and cannot be rolled over to the next month

How it works

Consider an example of Customer A, who requires live flight data for his mobile app. He estimates his app will make 35,000 – 40,000 query calls to the server for flight data (position, altitude etc.) per month. Based on this assumption, he buys 50,000 credits for the month.

Now suppose for that month there is an increased demand for his app and a surge in the number of users. Consequently, the number of queries to the server will increase, say by an additional 20,000. In such a case, Customer A can upgrade his plan or buy additional credits to cater to the increased demand. Once the demand has decreased, he can shift back on to a lower plan, if he wishes.

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  • 1. What happens if a customer runs out of credits during the month?
    If a customer runs out of credits mid-month, all query responses from the server to the client will stop. Customers need to purchase more monthly credits or upgrade to the next subscription plan to receive additional data from the server.
  • 2. Can I change / upgrade their current plan during the month?
    Absolutely. Upgrading to a higher plan is quick and simple. If a customer requires additional data during the month, they can either contact support or directly buy more credits via their business account RadarBox.com.
  • 3. Can credits be rolled over?
    RadarBox currently doesn't allow for credits to be rolled over to the next month.
  • 4. Can RadarBox offer a demo of the service before I buy it?
    RadarBox is happy to offer a customized demo of this service. Please contact: [email protected] with your requirements.
  • 5. How do customers register for a business account on RadarBox.com?
    Business accounts cost $39.95/month and can be bought by following these 3 easy steps:
    i. Visit www.RadarBox.com/subscribe
    ii. Click on the “TRY NOW” option under BUSINESS.
    iii. Fill in the details requested on the account & payment page.
    iv. That’s it. Now log in to your account on the RadarBox.com website.

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