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Update on My Station Panel

The image above: My Station Page 

The My Station Page is the panel available to our collaborators and ADS-B feeders worldwide. There is information from the aircraft tracked by your ADS-B station to your station's range information and how long your station has been online or offline.

We recently updated the My Station page with some new features that will allow you to see more information on the panel. To access the update's new features, you need to go to the left panel and scroll with the mouse down. Among the new features of the update are: Messages, Day Summary, Month Summary, and Last 20 Tracked Flights. Check out what's new: 


The messages refer to the aircraft positions that your ADS-B station receives constantly. And now you can see how many ADS-B, UAT, MLAT, or other source messages your station has received.

For example, in this image below, you can see that the station received about 315,152 messages or ADS-B positions on a given day, with 317,781 total positions and 7.62 MB of data sent that day to the RadarBox servers.

Day Summary 

In the day summary, you'll be able to find out how many MLAT, UAT packets were sent, in addition to flight packets, packets with the position, total packets, and bandwidth, and this all daily. For example, in this image, you can see the number of flight packets, packets with position, and total packets on the 21st of March. 

Month Summary

The month summary has the same information as the day summary but with the entire month's information. Therefore, you'll be able to access how many MLAT, UAT packages were sent per month, how many flight packages, total packages, and bandwidth consumed in a given month. You can see that there were 5,080,897 flight packets, 1,748,665 with position, in a total of 5,126,626 packets and a bandwidth of 127 MB.

Last 20 tracked flights

This item refers to the last 20 aircraft recently tracked by your ADS-B station. Here you can see that the most tracked flights were: Tap Air Portugal's TAP1478, followed by other flights and information such as the time (UTC) the aircraft was tracked by your station, such as the day, the month, and the year.

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