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AirNav RadarBox Featured ADS-B Station - Rohan Misquith

The Image Above: Rohan Misquith taking a selfie with his son 

Rohan Misquith has been sharing ADS-B data for RadarBox since August 2021. He and his son are avid aviation enthusiasts who love spending time tracking flights and attending air shows. Rohan says, "We spend a lot of our time either tracking flights flying over our house or visiting the Dallas Fort-Worth International airport to see flight land and takeoff." 

Rohan's ADS-B station is located in Plano, Texas, and has a range of 206 nautical miles. His station is currently ranked #19 in Texas and #141 in the U.S. The Plano area is a 30-minute drive from DFW airport which is the 4th busiest airport in the US, and largest airport in the state of Texas. Rohan's unit receives approximately 5 million ADS-B messages each day - mostly from DFW's inbound and outbound traffic. 

The Image Above: Rohan's ADS-B Unit's MyStation Page 

Rohan also shared various performance graphs of his unit (images below).

The Image Above: Rohan's ADS-B station performance graph

Rohan's ADS-B Station Setup 

His antenna is mounted 20 feet high on the roof's fascia, and it's at an elevation of 600 feet above sea level. Rohan notes,   "Location and height are the two most important factors that affect how far and how many planes you'll see. https://www.heywhatsthat.com/ is a very useful site to see how far you can spot planes from your location. Try to place your antenna as high as possible."

Image Courtesy of Rohan Misquith

About his setup and installation, he says, "I placed my antenna on my roof. Some people have luck installing their antenna in their attic, but this approach didn't work for me because my roof has a silver radiation barrier which blocks all signals. Choosing a good antenna is also key to seeing more planes. I initially had a whip antenna, and my stats were 80 planes/sec, 1500 planes/day, 100nm max distance. I then upgraded to a 1090 MHz 26" antenna and kept it on the inside by the window on the second floor. Doing this dramatically increased my stats 125 planes/sec, 2200 planes/day, 180nm max distance. I happened to open the window one day and instantly noticed the max planes went up to 150 at a time; it is then that I realized that the window was blocking about 30% of the aircraft signals. So, I decided to mount my antenna outside on the roof. The challenge was to somehow get the cable inside; for this, I used a flat cable that can be used with the window closed. I didn't notice any loss doing this, and current stats are 230 planes/sec, 3500 planes/day, 225nm max distance. Also, make sure you get a good receiver, filter, and cable. I have the RadarBox Flightstick, which has a built-in filter and an LMR400 6ft cable." 

Image Courtesy of Rohan Misquith

West view from his house

Image Courtesy of Rohan Misquith

East view from his house

Image Courtesy of Rohan Misquith

He currently uses a Raspberry Pi 4 and a USB doongle (RadarBox Flightstick) for ADS-B data reception in the Plano area. 

Raspberry Pi 4 + receiver - Image Courtesy of Rohan Misquith

On how he discovered RadarBox, he says, "We visited the DFW Founders Plaza observation area with our toddler for plane spotting, and that's when I happened to download the RadarBox app to see details of planes landing and taking off." 

Rohan loves the RadarBox business subscription that all feeders are upgraded to once they start sharing data. He says, "The free Business account is a huge plus; it basically unlocks everything that RadarBox has to offer. Fight Cards are fantastic to get aircraft details, and I use Filters all the time and Weather Layers. Premium App Access is also a bonus. An aviation enthusiast, as well as a casual spotter, would both love all these features."

Plano, Texas 

Plano is a city in Collin County and Denton County, Texas, United States. It had a population of 285,494 at the 2020 census.

Plano, Texas - Photo Source: Pods.com 

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