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AirNav RadarBox Filters: Country of Registration

Filters available on RadarBox.com

Today's post will focus on the country registration filter on the RadarBox apps and website! The filter by country of registration is intended to filter aircraft with registration from a specific country. For example, below, we filter aircraft with US registration only. Each country has a different type of registration; airplanes with Spanish registration are usually registered with the initials EC (Echo Charlie). In contrast, aircraft registrations start with the letter N (November) in the USA. 

How to activate Countries Filters on RadarBox

The filters are displayed on the right sidebar on RadarBox.com. Select this option, and choose which of the filters you want to see or activate on the map.

Filter (Country of Registration) available on RadarBox.com

To activate the RadarBox country of registration filter, simply go to RadarBox.com, select the "Country of registration" filter option, and type the name of the country you want to filter. Very easy, isn't it? We've filtered out all aircraft with Australian registration worldwide in the example below. 

Filter (Country of Registration) available on RadarBox.com

In addition to typing the country name you want to filter, you can select one or more countries from the list of countries below. The countries are listed in alphabetical order. Just select a specific country and start filtering on the map.

Filter (Country of Registration) available on RadarBox.com

RadarBox Apps (iOS & Android) 

This filter is also available in our app. Simply select the "Filters" option located on the bottom bar of the RadarBox apps to start using them and our filters!

Filters available in the RadarBox app

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