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Featured ADS-B Station for March 2021 in Brazil

João Victor Castro, our collaborator and ADS-B feeder in Brazil

The Featured ADS-B Station is meant to value our collaborators and ADS-B feeders worldwide. We currently have a network of more than 20,000 ADS-B receivers in more than 190 countries around the world.

In this post, we'll tell you about João's story, one of our contributors and ADS-B feeders in Brazil.

João Victor, 19, is passionate about amateur radio, antennas, aviation, photography, and everything involving the sky. Victor has been contributing to RadarBox for a year, since April 2020, in southern Minas Gerais. He is also a spotter and takes some photos of aircraft at cruising altitude. 

Lufthansa Cargo - McDonnell Douglas MD-11F - D-ALCD  - Route: Campinas (Brazil) to Recife (Brazil)

The ADS-B station has a range of 282 nautical miles, or 522 km, covering part of São Paulo, Minas Gerais, and Rio de Janeiro States. It is ranked #48 in Brazil and #756 in the world. 

PGANRB500499 ADS-B station in Pouso Alegre, Minas Gerais, Brazil 

The installation site:

360º view of the installation site - Image courtesy of João

The antenna is 7 meters above the ground and is located in Pouso Alegre, southern Minas Gerais. Minas Gerais is a historical state of Brazil and is part of the southeast region, the country's richest region.

Pouso Alegre 

Pouso Alegre is a municipality in the southern region of Minas Gerais state, Brazil, with a population of 152,549 (2020). The literacy rate is 94.2%. The area of the municipality is 543 km². It lies in the valley of the Sapucaí River.

Pouso Alegre City - Photo by: Olhando da Janela do Trem Blog

Pouso Alegre - Photo by: Olhando da Janela do Trem Blog

Regarding the equipment installation, João says: "I think that the mounting is easy because RadarBox gives the equipment. You just need to plug the cables and don't have to set them up. I say that is so interesting, and I learned many things like how the ADS-B system works, and if you like planes, you need to apply to be an ADS-B feeder." And also gives us some tips: "Place the antenna as high as possible you can and with a 360º view." 

He also tells us how he heard about RadarBox: "I found RadarBox in 2019 when I was looking for apps to track planes over my region that can find planes that depart or arrive from my city airport, and just RadarBox can do it."

About being part of RadarBox's global ADS-B network: "We have a lot of advantages, like the business account with a lot of resources available. Still, we have contact with other feeders and the RadarBox team on WhatsApp, where we can share information, report bugs, and participate in future projects before the general public.", said him. 

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