Featured ADS-B Feeder for November 2022: Jannis Lübbe (Germany) - EXTRPI000209

Jannis Lübbe, AirNav RadarBox ADS-B Feeder in Germany

Jannis Lübbe is a German RadarBox data sharer from Landkreis Emsland (a region in Germany) who likes to experiment with Raspberry Pi's and Python. The physicist, whose hobbies revolve around aviation data, has been sharing data since May 2017.

"I found an exceptional location for my antenna. While the surrounding Emsland area has mostly an elevation of about 20 meters above sea level, there is a big storage basin that can serve the nearby nuclear power plant with cooling water when the level of the river Ems is too low for cooling water withdrawal. The Geeste Reservoir covers an area of about 2.3 square kilometers, providing an excellent spot for swimming, diving, sailing, and windsurfing. Its dam has an elevation of 36m above sea level. As I am doing the maintenance of the weather station of the windsurfing club, I got permission to mount my antenna at 42.5 meters above sea level on the roof of the clubhouse, which is located on top of the dam. This provides a clear view without obstacles in nearly all directions. I didn't choose the maximum possible elevation to stay safely below the lightning arrester of the house/flagpole.", says Lübbe on his setup and antenna.
Jannis learned about RadarBox, and ADS-B data sharing on an aviation forum and has been sharing ADS-B data directly from Germany with us ever since.

Jannis' Setup (Raspberry Pi + Dongle) 

Jannis' setup location - Windsurfing clubhouse

Antenna installation site

Jannis narrates how he set up his equipment and has some advice for new feeders. "I started with a cheap TV stick and a throwing antenna. With this setup, I rarely discovered one or two aircraft in about 20nm. My first thought was to improve the coverage by adding a second station at my parent's home about 35nm away. This time, I ordered a dedicated USB stick for ADS-B reception, including a preamplifier and bandpass filter for 1090MHz, as well as a dedicated ADS-B antenna (both FlightAware). I was confused with the different kinds of SMA connectors and unwittingly ordered a cable with RP-SMA instead of a normal SMA connector. Trying to assemble this at home, I had to improvise with a piece of wire to attach the incompatible connector. At that moment, I was surprised that my screen was full of aircraft. This experience triggered my motivation to optimize my setup as much as possible. I used suction caps to mount the antenna to the window as high as possible for an indoor setup. A thread between the antenna and curtain rod prevents the antenna from falling down when the suction cups fail." 

Jannis' ADS-B Station in Landkreis Emsland, a district in Lower Saxony, Germany

On what he loves about having a RadarBox station, Jannis says, "Radarbox provides a good overview of your station's performance. You can compare your statistics with other feeders from your country or around the world. For me, the most useful feature is that you could share the URL of your station with your friends without having any additional load on your receiver or the need to use port forwarding and dynamic DNS." 

Weather station & Clubhouse (Installation site)

AirNav RadarBox Global Stations Ranking

Emsland Region, Germany

Ems River - Photo source: © Emsland Tourismus GmbH, Birgit Janknecht

Landkreis Emsland is a Lower Saxony, Germany district named after the river Ems. It is bounded by the districts of Leer, Cloppenburg, and Osnabrück, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, the district of Bentheim in Lower Saxony, and the Netherlands.

Emsland district, Germany - Photo source: Pension.de

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