AirNav Systems Announces Partnership with Kquika

AirNav Systems & Kquika Inc

AirNav Systems is pleased to announce a collaborative partnership with Kquika. Kquika Inc is a platform that will offer modern services for aviation companies, such as delay and disruption prediction using machine learning. Other examples of services include providing automated and predictive maintenance to aircraft operators, airports, and MROs around the world.

The partnership involves the integration of 3 solutions: delay and disruption prediction, air traffic management, and aircraft-predicted maintenance powered by flight data provided by AirNav Systems. These integrated solutions include:

1 -  Delay and disruption prediction - reducing and eliminating flight delays and disruptions using Kquika machine learning & AirNav Systems-provided data. 

2 - Air Traffic Control Management (ATM) - airspace and air traffic management, assisting airlines and airports ground staff and air traffic controllers. 

3 – Predictive Maintenance - based on various parameters and data from AirNav Systems to manage fleet and aircraft maintenance.

Victor Oribamise, CEO/co-founder of Kquika, and his team are in the process of developing the software to transform a billion-dollar industry. With airlines having to cut costs while also trying to improve the quality of the flight experience, Kquika is the rare tool that does both.

Kquika Inc Software 

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Kquika predicts flight delays and disruptions caused by weather or mechanical failures with 95% accuracy. These updates are sent to airlines and customers in real-time, automatically booking passengers onto the next available flight. Consequently, passengers will no longer have to wait at airports for the next flight to complete its journey. Additionally, providing air traffic controllers with local airspace management, real-time aircraft positions, and air traffic data. Kquika's machine learning system uses AirNav's data on fleet utilization and history, and flight hours for maintenance prediction to know fleet maintenance is necessary, thus reducing incidents and decreasing future additional costs.

AirNav Systems & Kquika, as one of the industry's disruptors, has the potential to save airlines millions of dollars in flight delays while freeing up resources for customer-centric projects. 

"It is an innovative tool and one that is transforming the industry by leveraging machine learning and AI to reduce costs and have more efficient operations", commented Kquika CEO Victor Oribamise. 

Who benefits from Kquika & AirNav Systems integration:

  1. Travelers: Alert and rebook passengers, massive customer service desks are no longer required, allowing airlines to focus on developing new services that better match the demands of today's passengers.
  2. Airlines: Cooperate with airlines in reducing maintenance costs and informing passengers of any delays or cancellations ahead of time.
  3. Ticket suppliers: Keep consumers informed about possible trip changes in terms of delays months and years in advance.
  4. ATC: Based on AirNav Systems' air traffic data, it will allow air traffic controllers to have an enhanced overview of the current air traffic situation while making future predictions, such as taxiing speed, average taxiing time, etc.
  5. Researchers: Provide industry access to our large data sets to conduct research on our platform for future projects and applications. 

Commenting on this significant milestone was Andre Brandao, the CEO of AirNav Systems, who said: "We are excited to see our data being leveraged by Kquika's customers and airlines. This will improve the airlines' operational cost savings and increase revenue by ensuring passengers have the best customer experience”.

Kquika CEO Victor Oribamise has added to this, explaining the benefits of joining up with AirNav Systems: "This partnership emphasizes two industry disruptors that will revolutionize the aviation industry by using innovative machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions, reducing airline operations costs and informing passengers in advance of any delays or cancellations.”

“We chose AirNav because it is one of the industry's biggest players and because of its data accuracy and the reliability of its solutions and tools. And the conviction that AirNav and Kquika will transform the industry."

As flight delays and disruption continue to affect the airline industry post-COVID, this partnership between the two sides will operationally enhance new and existing technologies to give better insight into why such disruption takes place. 

AirNav Systems

AirNav Systems is a Tampa-based global flight tracking and data services company founded in 2001. The company operates one of the biggest global ground-based ADS-B network, which is leveraged by a flight-tracking website and mobile app ( The company's real-time tracking data services are used by hundreds of aviation-related businesses, government agencies, airlines, media channels, and airports in over 60 countries.

AirNav Systems in Numbers:

  • 1.5+ million users.
  • 26,000 ADS-B receivers in over 175 countries.
  • 8.1 billion ADS-B messages per day.
  • 14 different data sources (e.g., Ground-based ADS-B, space-based ADS-B, MLAT, ANSP, FAA SWIM & EUROCONTROL).

Kquika Inc

Headquartered in New York, USA, Kquika was founded in 2021 to assist airlines and aviation companies in resolving flight delay issues and ultimately becoming customer-centric through predictive maintenance software using machine learning, developing products that assist them in saving money by predicting maintenance before it becomes costly, as well as assisting their customers by alerting them in advance of any delays that may affect their travel plans.


For further information, contact: 

AirNav Systems 

Caio Barros
Communications & Marketing Supervisor, AirNav Systems
Office: +1 (813) 321-7834 | Mobile: +1 (813) 321-7834
Email: [email protected] | Website:


James Field
Communications & Marketing, AirNav Systems
Office: +1 (813) 321-7834 | Mobile: +1 (813) 321-7834
Email: [email protected] | Website:


Kquika Inc

Victor Oribamise
CEO, Kquika
Office: +1 (763) 306-4696 | Mobile: +1 (763) 306-4696
Email:  [email protected] | Website:



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