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UK Government Pledges £1m In Funding For First Net-Zero Transatlantic Flight

The UK Government has announced £1m in funding to provide the first net-zero transatlantic flight to take place next year.

According to AviationSource, it is understood that the funding will be used to support testing, research, and personnel costs of the flight, which will use 100% sustainable aviation fuel, known as SAF.

The funding will be presented as a competition fund to encourage the sector to take part in this new stage of flight.

Commenting on this funding was the UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, who labeled this as a world-first for the sector:

“This trailblazing net-zero emissions flight, a world first, will demonstrate the vital role that sustainable aviation fuel can play in decarbonizing aviation in line with our ambitious net-zero targets.”

"[Delivering the transatlantic flight under SAF will] unlock the full decarbonization potential of this technology”.

Also commenting on this announcement was Tim Alderslade, the CEO of Airlines UK, who expressed strong support behind this project:

“UK airlines strongly support the development of a UK SAF industry, which will play a vital role in helping our sector deliver net-zero emissions by 2050, as we are committed to doing.”

The aviation sector is making proactive efforts to reduce its carbon emissions anywhere it can. And SAF is a big place to start in that respect.

This will hopefully be welcomed by environmentalists, who for years, have been aggressively protesting against air travel and the detriments it causes.

With the industry aiming to become net-zero by 2050, that is a big step, and of course, there is a lot of work to do, but proactive efforts are being made. And that is what matters.


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