UTC 09:04

AirNav RadarBox Launches Discord Server

AirNav RadarBox is announcing the launch of its latest social media channel launch, being its own Discord server!

The AirNav RadarBox Discord server is the next step in advancing such social media strategies in getting to know our audiences more. By talking, rather than tweeting, or posting on Facebook, etc. 

Anyone can access this server! From users all of the way up to subscribers of our products and services! And it's free!

We have a series of rooms catered to feeders, spotters, and to our general audience. Either chat by text or enter one of our amazing voice rooms where you can meet like-minded spotters and feeders to talk all things AirNav RadarBox!

How do I join the server?

All you have to do is have Discord installed on either PC, Mac, iOS, or Android and click on the following link to join!: https://discord.gg/uvynQ45nAv

From there, you will be welcomed into our #home channel where you will wait to be assigned your necessary role by our administration team. 

Whilst you do wait, you will be prompted to read the rules of the server, to ensure that all are followed and that we keep everyone safe in our community!

Once that has been assigned, then the world is your oyster! Go and explore!

So don't delay, be part of the new social media here at AirNav RadarBox! Click here to begin!


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