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February Featured Station in Central America

This time, our featured station is one of our collaborators around the world: José David Villarreal, from Costa Rica, with ADS-B and VHF stations in Costa Rica and also in Nicaragua, both in Central America.

José David is passionate about aviation and is graduating to become a private pilot at a local aviation school. According to him, it is a passion that he carries in his blood, and whenever he can, he shares that passion with aviation with other people.

Currently, José has 5 ADS-B stations, including one international in Nicaragua, and 2 VHF stations, strategically placed in various parts of the country to have complete coverage of the entire country.

José David Villarreal and his ADS-B stations.

EXTRPI009805 ADS-B station in Alajuela Province, Costa Rica.

The station is located in a town called Upala near the border with Nicaragua, which has a clear vision at 360 degrees and a coverage of 219 nautical miles or 405 kilometers. And it is the ADS-B station that has the greatest range and that almost completely covers Costa Rica.

EXTVHF000239 VHF Station in Salitral, Costa Rica.

This is one of José David's VHF stations for Airband radio.

EXTRPI002582 ADS-B station in Palmeras, Costa Rica.

ADS-B station in Palmares, with a range of 108 nautical miles, or 200 km.

EXTRPI013060 ADS-B station in Managua, Nicaragua.

ADS-B station in central Nicaragua with a clear 360-degree view near Agusto Sandino Airport, which has a coverage of 226 nautical miles or 418 kilometers. This ADS-B station covers all of Nicaragua completely and a part of Honduras.

EXTRPI005596 ADS-B station in Puerto Jiménez, Costa Rica.

ADS-B station with a range of 162 nautical miles or 300 km, this ADS-B station covers half of the mountainous territory of Panama.

Photo of installation site:

EXTRPI009805 ADS-B station in Alajuela Province, Costa Rica.

EXTRPI013060 ADS-B station in Managua, Nicaragua.

José tells us that he met RadarBox through a friend from Peru, who recommended him to use the application and the website, knowing his passion for aviation.

José David is our collaborator for 3 years, feeding the RadarBox, he gives some tips for the new ADS-B feeders: “I advise you to use a low loss cable and have the antenna at a height of no more than 49 feeds above the roof, also that you have a clear vision at 360 degrees, I also recommend using little coaxial cable or a POE.”

He points out that one of the things he likes most about our apps and website is the satellite-based ADS-B system.

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