UTC 01:42

RAAF Base Edinburgh


Airport Info
Local Time
11:12Ā (UTC+09:30)
6 AugBLKT73P8 (A47-007)
Departed 10:23 ACST
6 AugBLKT11P8 (A47-011)
Departed 10:10 ACST
5 AugBLKT07Last seen near
Kingscote, SA, Australia
P8 (A47-005)
Departed 14:19 ACST
5 AugR8538Last seen near
SA, Australia
Departed 11:14 ACST
5 AugBLKT06Last seen near
Jervis Bay Territory, ACT, Australia
P8 (A47-011)
Departed 07:31 ACST
4 AugSND3Wagga Wagga, NSW (WGA/YSWG)C212 (VH-VHA)
Departed 15:10 ACST
4 AugBLKT05Last seen near
NSW, Australia
P8 (A47-012)
Departed 14:36 ACST
4 AugFZBLast seen near
SA, Australia
M74 (VH-FZB)
Departed 13:49 ACST
4 AugBLKT04, VIC (HLT/YHML)P8 (A47-005)
Departed 11:47 ACST
4 AugBLKT03Last seen near
VIC, Australia
P8 (A47-011)
Departed 10:33 ACST
3 AugBLKT02Last seen near
Kangaroo Island, Australia
P8 (A47-011)
Departed 12:44 ACST
3 AugBLKT01Last seen near
Ironstone, SA, Australia
P8 (A47-005)
Departed 12:11 ACST
3 AugTEST33Last seen near
NSW, Australia
PC21 (A54-018)
Departed 09:31 ACST
31 JulWLBY34Last seen near
NSW, Australia
C27J (A34-006)
Departed 14:12 ACST
30 JulTEST99Kingscote, SA (KGC/YKSC)PC21 (A54-018)
Departed 14:28 ACST
30 JulFZBLast seen near
Adelaide, SA, Australia
M74 (VH-FZB)
Departed 11:56 ACST
30 JulMRNR3Last seen near
SA, Australia
P8 (A47-010)
Departed 11:52 ACST

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