UTC 12:21

Moron Airport


Airport Info
Local Time
09:21 (UTC-03:00)
5 AugLQBISLast seen near
La Plata, Argentina
Departed 13:17 ART
5 AugLVATELast seen near
General Sarmiento, Argentina
ST75 (N1111)
Departed 10:46 ART
5 AugPG446Last seen near
Santa Isabel - Córdoba, Argentina
P28B (PG-446)
Departed 09:34 ART
3 AugPG348Reconquista (RCQ/SATR)C182 (PG-355)
Departed 13:34 ART
31 JulLVATELast seen near
Moron, Argentina
ST75 (N1111)
Departed 14:50 ART
31 JulLVS081Last seen near
Moron, Argentina
ECHO (LV-S081)
Departed 13:57 ART
31 JulN580MNLast seen near
Bolivar, Argentina
BE58 (N580MN)
Departed 13:18 ART
31 JulLVATELast seen near
Moron, Argentina
ST75 (N1111)
Departed 10:48 ART

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