UTC 02:45

Custer Airport


Airport Info
Local Time
22:45Ā (UTC-04:00)
14 JulN2789CC170 (N2789C)
Departed 18:37 EDT
14 JulN3804QC172 (N3804Q)
Departed 15:41 EDT
14 JulN2933FC182 (N2933F)
Departed 14:51 EDT
13 JulN2933FLast seen near
Detroit, MI, United States
C182 (N2933F)
Departed 21:22 EDT
12 Jul
19:00 EDT
N469HPEAST TROY, WI (57C)PA46 (N469HP)
Departed 18:52 EDT
12 JulN2136WLast seen near
Newport, United States
BE36 (N2136W)
Departed 18:09 EDT
12 JulN1377SAnn Arbor, MI (ARB/KARB)C172 (N1377S)
Departed 15:34 EDT
12 JulN413WCLast seen near
Monroe, MI, United States
- (N413WC)
Departed 10:15 EDT
11 Jul
21:00 EDT
N720RLKalamazoo, MI (AZO/KAZO)S22T (N720RL)
Departed 22:03 EDT
11 JulN29542Last seen near
Monroe, MI, United States
T210 (N29542)
Departed 18:03 EDT
11 Jul
07:45 EDT
N37237Mecosta (0C5)C310 (N37237)
Departed 07:59 EDT
10 JulN84879Last seen near
Monroe, MI, United States
C172 (N84879)
Departed 08:38 EDT
9 JulN8882SLast seen near
Monroe, MI, United States
C150 (N8882S)
Departed 12:53 EDT
8 Jul
07:30 EDT
N37237Grand Rapids, MI (GRR/KGRR)C310 (N37237)
Departed 07:36 EDT

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