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RadarBox XRange2 RadarBox FPGA Raspberry Pi
First ConnectedstationCountryCityCountryStatusMax. Range (NM)Avg. Range (NM)Coverage %
2 weeks agoEXTRPI604892---LiveMLAT19813783%
3 weeks agoEXTRPI632311United StatesMattoon, ILUnited States, Mattoon, ILLiveMLAT266203123%
3 weeks agoEXTRPI629163United StatesWilliamsport, PAUnited States, Williamsport, PALiveMLAT843521%
3 weeks agoEXTRPI613202---LiveMLAT254193117%
3 weeks agoEXTRPI614581CanadaBelle River, ONCanada, Belle River, ONLiveMLAT298222135%
1 month agoEXTRPI617071CanadaCarstairs, ABCanada, Carstairs, ABLiveMLAT299215130%
1 month agoEXTRPI611252United StatesEugene, ORUnited States, Eugene, ORLiveMLAT18612375%
1 month agoEXTRPI588661United StatesRougemont, NCUnited States, Rougemont, NCLiveMLAT257169102%
1 month agoEXTRPI607233United StatesSalina, KSUnited States, Salina, KSLiveMLAT278179108%
1 month agoEXTRPI008642United StatesCortland, OHUnited States, Cortland, OHLiveMLAT1155835%
1 month agoEXTRPI557131United StatesLacey, WAUnited States, Lacey, WALive833924%
1 month agoEXTRPI619293United StatesPerris, CAUnited States, Perris, CALiveMLAT2977445%
1 month agoEXTRPI620131United StatesAda, OKUnited States, Ada, OKLiveMLAT24313280%
1 month agoEXTRPI605042United StatesClarksville, TNUnited States, Clarksville, TNLiveMLAT240190115%
2 months agoEXTRPI617883---LiveMLAT1097344%
2 months agoEXTRPI603572United StatesBlaine, MNUnited States, Blaine, MNLiveMLAT17813481%
2 months agoEXTRPI015973United StatesAston, PAUnited States, Aston, PALiveMLAT2429256%
2 months agoEXTRPI616291United StatesJoliet, ILUnited States, Joliet, ILLiveMLAT1858451%
2 months agoEXTRPI612841United StatesPark City, UTUnited States, Park City, UTLiveMLAT1994728%
2 months agoEXTRPI614791United StatesCheyenne, WYUnited States, Cheyenne, WYLiveMLAT300260158%
2 months agoEXTRPI615811United StatesSan Francisco, CAUnited States, San Francisco, CALiveMLAT27411771%
2 months agoEXTRPI016383United StatesLouisville, COUnited States, Louisville, COLive821%
2 months agoEXTRPI612543United StatesBeltsville, MDUnited States, Beltsville, MDLiveMLAT2299658%
2 months agoEXTRPI575582United StatesLand O' Lakes, FLUnited States, Land O' Lakes, FLLiveMLAT265174105%
2 months agoEXTRPI613743United StatesLos Angeles, CAUnited States, Los Angeles, CALiveMLAT277170103%
2 months agoEXTRPI612993United StatesOrange City, FLUnited States, Orange City, FLLiveMLAT21012978%
2 months agoEXTRPI614401United StatesHampton, VAUnited States, Hampton, VALiveMLAT1378753%
3 months agoEXTRPI600932United StatesCincinnati, OHUnited States, Cincinnati, OHLiveMLAT236188114%
3 months agoEXTRPI599582---LiveMLAT1221%
3 months agoEXTRPI609303United StatesTerrell County, GAUnited States, Terrell County, GALiveMLAT300300182%
3 months agoEXTRPI608521United StatesReston, VAUnited States, Reston, VALiveMLAT2076741%
4 months agoEXTRPI013339United StatesDowagiac, MIUnited States, Dowagiac, MILiveMLAT281207125%
4 months agoEXTRPI605911United StatesTitusville, FLUnited States, Titusville, FLLiveMLAT20714688%
4 months agoEXTRPI605851United StatesMerritt Island, FLUnited States, Merritt Island, FLLiveMLAT266172104%
4 months agoEXTRPI604201United StatesAnchorage, AKUnited States, Anchorage, AKLiveMLAT1776439%
4 months agoEXTRPI003574United StatesKaysville, UTUnited States, Kaysville, UTLiveMLAT1787042%
4 months agoEXTRPI603751United StatesAnchorage, AKUnited States, Anchorage, AKLiveMLAT442012%
4 months agoEXTRPI602193United StatesSunnyvale, CAUnited States, Sunnyvale, CALiveMLAT22912173%
4 months agoEXTRPI595201United StatesMountain View, CAUnited States, Mountain View, CALiveMLAT1526137%
4 months agoEXTRPI602221United StatesSeattle, WAUnited States, Seattle, WALiveMLAT502716%
4 months agoEXTRPI576002United StatesFullerton, CAUnited States, Fullerton, CALiveMLAT684125%
4 months agoEXTRPI591632CanadaBolton, ONCanada, Bolton, ONLiveMLAT16310061%
4 months agoEXTRPI599433CanadaVictoria, BCCanada, Victoria, BCLiveMLAT1839859%
5 months agoEXTRPI598381United StatesAustin, TXUnited States, Austin, TXLiveMLAT292201122%
5 months agoEXTRPI599193United StatesCedar Park, TXUnited States, Cedar Park, TXLive542113%
5 months agoEXTRPI598951United StatesDayton, OHUnited States, Dayton, OHLiveMLAT22212375%
5 months agoEXTRPI598953United StatesPhoenix, AZUnited States, Phoenix, AZLiveMLAT1374930%
5 months agoEXTRPI598561United StatesDayton, OHUnited States, Dayton, OHLiveMLAT23313280%
5 months agoEXTRPI598591United StatesTitusville, FLUnited States, Titusville, FLLiveMLAT2495%
5 months agoEXTRPI590342United StatesMarlboro, NJUnited States, Marlboro, NJLiveMLAT1668149%
5 months agoEXTRPI589142United StatesArlington, TXUnited States, Arlington, TXLiveMLAT714125%
5 months agoEXTRPI009230United StatesRenton, WAUnited States, Renton, WALive1035232%
5 months agoEXTRPI590043United StatesPequot Lakes, MNUnited States, Pequot Lakes, MNLive1278149%
5 months agoEXTRPI016402United StatesAurora, INUnited States, Aurora, INLiveMLAT286209127%
6 months agoEXTRPI015116United StatesBuffalo, MNUnited States, Buffalo, MNLiveMLAT299253153%
6 months agoEXTRPI593373United StatesPort Orange, FLUnited States, Port Orange, FLLiveMLAT23415091%
6 months agoEXTRPI550292United StatesPortland, ORUnited States, Portland, ORLiveMLAT258178108%
6 months agoEXTRPI585122United StatesBatavia, NYUnited States, Batavia, NYLiveMLAT23612173%
6 months agoEXTRPI002437United StatesYardley, PAUnited States, Yardley, PALiveMLAT533421%
6 months agoEXTRPI002687United StatesBismarck, NDUnited States, Bismarck, NDLiveMLAT16410262%

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