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UAT 978 MHz ADS-B FlightStick

Guide to Install UAT 978 MHz ADS-B FlightStick

These instructions will help you install your RadarBox UAT 978 MHz ADS-B FlightStick in a Raspberry Pi or equivalent device, so that you can start tracking UAT enabled flights.

1 Stop all services and applications that may be using any dongle in your Raspberry Pi (ADS-B feeders, rtl_airband, dump1090, etc).

2 Disconnect all ADS-B, VHF and other dongles. Leave just the UAT 978 MHz FlightStick dongle plugged into your Raspberry Pi.

3 Install the 'rtl-sdr' utility package:

sudo apt-get install rtl-sdr -y

4 Run the command 'rtl_eeprom' (without any parameters) to check your current device and its serial number. You should see only one device with the default serial number and product name.

5 Now you must change the serial number and product name by running the following command:

sudo rtl_eeprom -d 0 -p UAT_978 -s 00000401

Please note that we recommend using the serial number '00000401' for the UAT dongle, since this serial number is already pre-configured in the RadarBox software. If you set a different serial number, you must modify the corresponding setting in the '/etc/default/dump978-rb' file after the installation of the RadarBox software, which is done in step 8.

6 Type 'y' to confirm the serial number and product name change, and then reboot the system.

sudo reboot

7 Run the command 'rtl_eeprom' again to verify the changes:

8 Now you can connect all of your other dongles again (if you have any) and proceed with the software installation (RBFeeder and dump978-rb applications).

sudo bash -c "$(wget -O - http://apt.rb24.com/inst_rbfeeder.sh)"

Please note that the default configuration of RBFeeder uses the network as the source of ADS-B data, as described in our online installation guide. If you would like to use your local dongle as the source of ADS-B data, you must change the settings in the '/etc/rbfeeder.ini' file or simply run the following command:

sudo rbfeeder --set-network-mode off --no-start

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