UTC 06:56

Ruschmeyer R-90-230RG


Flight Activity
DateAirline/OperatorFlightOriginSTDDestinationSTA / ETAAircraftStatusDurationReplay
2021 Dec 8
DEEHXFirst seen near
Baltrum, Germany
R90R (D-EEHX)Status N/A
2021 Dec 7
DEEHXFirst seen near
Westerstede, Germany
R90R (D-EEHX)Status N/A
2021 Dec 6
DEYHLFirst seen near
Langenlonsheim, Germany
R90R (D-EYHL)Status N/A
2021 Dec 2
DEEHZBraunschweig Wolfsburg Airport (BWE/EDVE)Last seen near
R90R (D-EEHZ)Landed

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