2023-07-10 16:51 UTC

What Are The Busiest Airports & City Pairs?

The Image Above: Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport. Photo Credit: redlegsfan21 via Wikimedia Commons.

What are the busiest airports and city pairs in the world? We ask this question utilizing data from our dedicated statistics page here at RadarBox. 

Surprisingly, all five of the airports are based in the United States, with the top two still battling it out for the busiest airport in the world number one spot.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Busiest Airports in the World...

The Image Above: The Top 5 Busiest Airports in the World.

We start off proceedings with Los Angeles, which is the fifth busiest airport in the world.

They come fifth with average daily movements of 1,660 flights, with there being a gap between the fourth position contender, Denver International Airport.

Denver comes in as the fourth busiest airport in the world, with 1,848 average daily movements.

In third comes Dallas Fort Worth with 1,999 average daily flights, with Chicago coming in second at 2,083 and Atlanta at 2,197.

What this data shows is representative of the size of all five of those airports, including the multiple runways they have each, meaning that more movements can operate on a per-minute and on a per hour basis.

Of course, Atlanta comes in as the busiest, with them handling around 93.6 million passengers per year on average.

Over the course of the Summer, it will be interesting to see how much closer the battle gets for that title, with Chicago O’Hare continuing to creep up.

All eyes are clearly on the United States to see how things will unfold.

Busiest City Pairs in the World...

The Image Above: Busiest City Pairs in the World.

In terms of the busiest city pairs in the world, Jeju City-Seoul is by far the busiest, with 246 average daily movements. 

In second place, there is the Sydney-Melbourne route at 148, with Jeddah-Riyadh coming in third at 123. 

From there, it is a close battle with Ho Chi Minh City-Hanoi coming fourth with 122, Fukuoka-Tokyo Haneda coming fifth with 111 and Tokyo Haneda-Chitose coming in sixth at 109. 

Within that top 10 list, we have popular routes such as Denpasar-Jakarta, Sao Paulo-Rio de Janeiro, Kahului-Honolulu and Mumbai-New Delhi all fall within that list too. 

What is your favorite city pair? Let us know on social media today!

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