Update: Multi-select & New Most Viewed Panel

Multi-select & most tracked displayed on RadarBox.com

We've recently launched new features & updates on RadarBox.com, including multi-select and a new most tracked & viewed panel that is now displayed on the map. Let's dive deeper to see what's new.

1. Most Viewed

The 10 most viewed flights are now displayed as a ticker tape at the top of the website. In addition to the most tracked flights, you can also see the number of users following or tracking a particular flight or aircraft. 

Most tracked displayed on RadarBox.com

This feature can be activated or deactivated by clicking on "Map Options" and then choosing to enable or disable the "Show Most Viewed Flights" option. 

Tutorial: How to use Most Tracked Flights Panel

2. Multi-select

Multi-selection allows you to track multiple flights simultaneously and see flight number, registration, callsign, origin and destination, and a photo of the aircraft for an unlimited number of flights. Plus, you can move flight cards and your mouse to see other flights not listed on the first screen.

Multi-select displayed on RadarBox.com

To use this feature, click on the "Multi-select" option on the right side of the RadarBox.com page and select the flights or aircraft you want to see on the map. Remember that the number of aircraft that can be clicked on simultaneously is unlimited. It is important to note that the number of aircraft selected on the map is unlimited.

Tutorial: How to use Multi-Select on RadarBox.com

Did you know? You can also update the most tracked flights just by clicking on the update icon.

Flight feed (Most tracked flights) displayed on RadarBox.com

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