Russian Aircraft Authorized in Norwegian Airspace for Medical Emergency

On Monday afternoon, December 18, 2023, a Russian passenger aircraft received authorization to pass through Norwegian airspace, prompted by a critical medical situation onboard. Cathrine Framholt, Avinor's communications manager, conveyed to the Norwegian news channel NRK that the approval was granted explicitly due to an urgent medical issue affecting a passenger on the flight.

Nordwind Airlines flight N4555 from Moscow Sheremetyevo, Russia to Varadero, Cuba

Avinor banned all Russian flights in Norwegian airspace since February 28, 2022. The aircraft in question was a Boeing 777-300(ER) with registration RA-73847, operated by Nordwind Airlines. This flight, N4555, was originally en route from Moscow Sheremetyevo to Varadero, Cuba. However, as stated by Framholt, the plane ultimately rerouted back to Moscow in response to the medical emergency.

 Photo: OSDU / Source: PlanePictures.Net


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