Runway extensions are now available on RadarBox

Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS / LPPT) Runway 35

This month we've launched a whole set of exciting new features on the RadarBox platform. From the multi-select option, new most viewed flights panel, and now we are proud to launch the Runway extensions feature specially designed for aviation enthusiasts and plane spotters worldwide! 

Runway extensions refer to the 10 nautical mile lines showing the approach/departure routes to an airport's runways (landing and takeoff). The runway extensions always indicate the end of the runway and are divided into 1NM segments, with a division of 5NM (nautical miles). The airport code, name, and runway number will be displayed when you mouse hover over a runway.

Guarulhos International Airport (GRU/SBGR) Runway 09L

Guarulhos International Airport (GRU/SBGR) Runway 09R

Using this feature is easy, simply search for a specific airport and click on the runway extensions or the lines on the map near an airport. For example, here are the extensive runways for Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, one of Europe's busiest airports.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS / EHAM) Runway 18L

New York - John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK / KJFK) Runway 22L

To enable or disable this function, go to "Map Options," find the "Show Runway Extensions" option and click on it.

San Francisco International Airport (SFO / KSFO) 

You can also search for a specific airport, click on "Locate on map" , and see the runways extensions as we did for San Francisco International Airport!

San Francisco International Airport (SFO / KSFO) Runway 28R

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