2021-05-24 10:31 UTC

On-Demand API version 2.0 use cases

In this section you will be able to learn how to write queries to pull data from our API.

If you are only looking for information on how to get started, we have covered it in a blog post.

Generic flight search

1. All flights that departed London Heathrow on 26th Apr 2020

2. Latest flights of the Antonov AN-225 Mriya (UR-82060)

3. All flights from Schipol - Amsterdam (EHAM) to San Francisco (KSFO) during a week

Live-flight information only

1. Live view of Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta Airport (KATL)

KATL live view

2. All flights that departed from Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta Airport (KATL)

Flights from KATL

3. Refine the previous search to only show Boeing 717-2BD type aircraft

B712 flights from KATL

4. All British Airways flights headed to London Heathrow airport

British Airways headed to EGLL


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