New aircraft icons available on

New Aircraft Icons on

Noticed anything different on the RadarBox map lately? Here's a clue. Do the aircraft overlaid onto the map look a little different?  As part of our constant efforts to improve our users' experience within our website and apps, we've redesigned our icons in our latest update to, enhance the visual experience, reduce UI latency and make it easier to recognize more aircraft types on the map. The new icons will soon be available for RadarBox mobile versions (iOS & Android).

New Aircraft Icons on

Did you know? With the "Animation Aircraft" option, you can disable/activate the animation of the aircraft icon on the map. This new update has been specially designed for users who have a less powerful computer to reduce CPU & GPU usage and save battery usage if you are using a portable device. Toggle ON or OFF the "Animate Aircraft" option to enable or disable it. 

New Aircraft Icons on

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