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Global Commercial Traffic Numbers Between 25-85% Higher in Q1 2022

The Image Above: Global commercial flight traffic numbers for Q1 2022. 

Global commercial flight traffic numbers for the first quarter of this year have been consistently up from Q1 2021, offering good news to the sector. 

The aviation industry has had a fantastic start to the year off the back of COVID-19, with numbers not faltering as much as expected with the Ukraine Crisis. 

So without further ado, let's get into the numbers:

The Numbers

Below, you can see the data for each week of the quarter, highlighting increases compared to the same period last year as well as 2020 and 2019:

Date 2019 2020 2021 2022
December 25-January 1 91,263 100,803 59,869 76,155 (Up 27.2% compared to 2021).
January 1-8 88,795 101,449 59,847 82,967 (Up 38.63% compared to 2021).
January 8-15 95,201 101,109 54,872 77,904 (Up 41.97% compared to 2021).
January 15-22 97,430 101,331 51,838 77,246 (Up 49.01% compared to 2021).
January 22-29 97,454 96,561 50,133 77,044 (Up 53.68% compared to 2021).
January 29-February 5 96,546 91,423 50,156 74,239 (Up 48.02% compared to 2021).
February 5-12 97,688 90,669 49,539 81,458 (Up 64.43% compared to 2021).
February 12-19 99,600 90,613 52,085 82,779 (Up 58.93% compared to 2021).
February 19-26 100,500 88,679 54,065 82,081 (Up 51.82% compared to 2021).
February 26-March 5 101,064 88,336 59,308 82,087 (Up 38.41% compared to 2021).
March 5-12 101,163 87,838 61,758 81,023 (Up 31.19% compared to 2021).
March 12-19 101,599 67,326 63,623 79,788 (Up 25.41% compared to 2021).
March 19-26 102,118 38,631 65,486 78,011 (Up 19.13% compared to 2021. 

What do these numbers show?

What we can see is that throughout Q1 2022, there was never a decrease-based percentage on the traffic statistics, which is a very promising sign.

We have of course seen that percentage increase reduce itself towards the end of Q1, but that is not surprising given the Russian airspace closures. 

That being said, airports are experiencing substantial demand at the moment, meaning that by the end of April, we should see a continued increase in such traffic movements. 

COVID Resurgence on the Way?

Some form of a COVID resurgence may be on the way and could put growth at potential risk. 

Just today, according to AviationSourceeasyJet and British Airways in the UK had to cancel over 100 flights today due to sickness related to the virus. 

With governments around the world easing COVID restrictions, this could be something to watch out for, especially with recent and new outbreaks across China and the rest of the world. 

If COVID does resurge with a vengeance this summer, then this could hinder growth, especially when the sector is looking ahead to recovery, so caution has to be approached on this topic. 

Looking Ahead

The industry can look ahead as it stands to the unprecedented demand that we will probably see.

People have been couped up in their homes because of COVID and want to go out and explore the world once again as well as businessmen wanting to make new links. 

It will be interesting to see how the Summer season will go and once we get those numbers, which will probably be towards the end of Q2, then the increases in traffic movements will reflect that we are on the road to recovery. Once and for all. 


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