ForeFlight by Boeing Launches Tracking in Partnership with AirNav Systems

We are pleased to announce the launch of Tracking within ForeFlight Dispatch, an effort between AirNav Systems (Parent company: AirNav RadarBox) and ForeFlight, a Boeing Company. This innovative solution equips operators with a robust real-time tool for monitoring status. Through this strategic partnership, AirNav Systems' ADS-B ground data seamlessly integrates with ForeFlight's esteemed map-based weather layers, delivering dispatchers unparalleled visibility into their movements and potential schedule disruptions.

Tracking by ForeFlight, a Boeing Company, powered by AirNav Systems Data

ForeFlight Tracking utilizes our ground-based ADS-B data, granting flight departments immediate access to critical information. With readily available real-time updates on position, speed, and altitude, operators can efficiently manage their fleets, enabling informed decision-making to enhance flight operations and safety.

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According to Oleg Rakhimov, VP of Business Development and Sales at AirNav Systems, "This collaboration represents a significant advancement in fleet management technology. By combining AirNav Systems' expertise in ADS-B ground data with ForeFlight's innovative platform, we're providing operators with a powerful tool to enhance efficiency and safety."

Tracking by ForeFlight, a Boeing Company

Commenting on this collaboration, Tim Schuetze, ForeFlight CEO, stated: “We’re excited to continue working with AirNav Systems to provide ground-based ADS-B tracking. AirNav Systems traffic information is already used in Voyager, ForeFlight’s new app for the Apple Vision Pro. Having AirNav’s data in ForeFlight Dispatch gives operators a comprehensive view of their operations and empowers them to manage and resolve disruptions in real-time.”

Andre Brandao, CEO of AirNav Systems, added, "We're excited to partner with ForeFlight to deliver cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving aviation industry needs. Tracking represents the next step in optimizing management processes and ensuring seamless operations."

Coverage Map provided by AirNav Systems

AirNav Systems boasts an extensive infrastructure, with over 33,504 ADS-B stations spanning 188 countries, solidifying its position as one of the global leaders in in-flight data, providing solutions to major aerospace companies worldwide. Drawing from inputs sourced from 14 reputable entities, including the FAA, Eurocontrol, and satellite-based real-time flight data, AirNav RadarBox delivers comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the needs of major aerospace companies and airlines globally.

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