Flight Review: Jet2 Flight LS1270 from Larnaca to Birmingham

Jet2 Flight LS1270 from Larnaca to Birmingham 

Recently, we had the opportunity to fly for over 4 and a half hours on a Boeing 737-800 (G-JZHR) from Larnaca to Birmingham with British leisure carrier Jet2! Let's find out how my flight went!

Jet2 is a British Low-Cost Carrier and is the UK's third largest airline. With over 115 aircraft, they fly to over 65 destinations from 11 UK airports.

Jet 2 Route Heatmap provided by AirNav RadarBox 

One of these flights is LS1270, from Larnaca on the island of Cyprus to Birmingham in the Midlands. The distance between the two airports is around 2115 miles (3,404km) and was scheduled to take 5 hours and 10 minutes. Thankfully, the day I flew (13th August), it only took 4 hours and 43 minutes.

Jet2 Flight LS1270 from Larnaca to Birmingham

Our flight was due to take off at 22:10 local time, but we were delayed due to a late incoming flight. Thankfully, there was plenty of seating available in the airport once I'd moved away from the entrance to the main departure area.

Once everyone was on board, we made the long taxi towards the end of the runway. The terminal at Larnaca is situated near the end of the runway. After sitting at the end of the runway for what seemed like a lifetime, we took off on runway 22 at 22:50 local time and headed towards Paphos before turning to head over western Turkey and North Macedonia.

On board, I had pre-ordered a bacon baguette to eat. This was delivered to me quickly and was very warm - and I mean, VERY warm. After letting it cool for a few minutes, I was able to eat it. To my surprise, it was delicious and definitely stopped me feeling hungry for the rest of the flight. It was certainly better looking and tasting than the pasta bolognese I had on the flight over (thankfully, it tasted better than it looked).

Once dinner was served, the flight attendants dimmed the lights further to allow people to sleep - instead, I opted to watch some Netflix and look out the window as we headed over Europe.

The seat

I found the seat to be ok. However, should the flight have been longer, it would have begun to get a little uncomfortable as it was slightly on the firm side. Being an airline with"friendly low fare", the features of the seat were about what you would expect. The tray table was a decent size, though getting anything on with my bacon baguette was a bit of a squeeze. It had a small dent in which I can only assume is for putting a drink on.

However, even the slightest jolt would have knocked it over. I instead opted to store my tea in the fold-down cup holder.

To my surprise, I felt like I had a good amount of legroom. Even with my bag under the seat in front of me, I was able to move my legs enough to stop them from getting sore - if it was a longer flight, I may have needed to have a walk, though.

Final thoughts 

We landed in Birmingham only around 15 minutes late after an uneventful flight. All the Jet2 staff were incredibly friendly and helpful and were also very accommodating to any medical requirements of passengers. The food was good, despite some items not being particularly visually appealing, and the seat was excellent for this flight, even though it was a little firm.

Written by Ben Aka from Aerospace Updates on Twitter in collaboration with Caio Barros (AirNav RadarBox). Make sure to follow him for regular updates about space and aviation! Follow on here!


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