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Featured ADS-B Station for March 2021 in New Zealand

Zsolt Mate, our collaborator and ADS-B feeder in New Zealand 

Zsolt is one of our ADS-B collaborators and feeders around the world. He has been our ADS-B collaborator and feeder since February 26, 2021, in the far south of New Zealand.

The ADS-B station of Zsolt is located in the city of Invercargill, in the extreme south of the country. It's the #16 station in the country's ranking, and has an average range of 185 nautical miles, corresponding to 342 kilometers of range.

PGANRB500805 station in New Zealand: 

Installation site of the antenna:

Indoor installation: 

The Zsolt ADS-B Station is an Xrange 2, one of the best equipment and hardware in ADS-B for flight tracking on the market.

Xrange receiver:


About the city of Invercargill

It's the southernmost and westernmost city in New Zealand, and one of the southernmost cities in the world. It is the commercial center of the Southland region. The city lies in the heart of the wide expanse of the Southland Plains on the Oreti or New River some 18 km north of Bluff, which is the southernmost town in the South Island. It sits amid rich farmland that is bordered by large areas of conservation land and marine reserves, including Fiordland National Park covering the south-west corner of the South Island and the Catlins coastal region.

Photo: Phillip Capper 

According to him: "I've been following RadarBox for a while, but seeing that the coverage in the southern part of NZ, made me apply for a receiver." 

Zsolt gives some tips for the new feeders regarding the installation of the equipment: "Place the antenna in the best accessible location you can find. Just go with the provided antenna cable, do not try to build or buy an extension yourself. Your signal could drop a lot if you don't know what you are doing."

About being part of RadarBox's global ADS-B network, Zsolt says: "I am very happy to be able to share data for an area that needed coverage, and maybe helping with ADS-B and MLAT coverage in my region." 

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