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Featured ADS-B Feeder for March 2022: Magno (PGANRB501070)

Magno Porfirio, AirNav RadarBox Brazilian ADS-B feeder and his setup in Lucas do Rio Verde

Magno Porfirio, an agricultural engineer in mid-western Brazil and aviation enthusiast, is one of our ADS-B feeders in Brazil and has been feeding the AirNav RadarBox since 2019. Continue reading our blog to learn more about Magno and its station located in Brazil.

Magno's antenna is 15.5 meters above the ground (50 feet) - (365.5m - 119 feet above sea level). It is mounted on a communication tower on a farm 50 km from his home in Lucas do Rio Verde, Mato Grosso, central-western Brazil, where his brother and family live. 

Installation Site 

The farm's communication tower currently has a stand with 3 antennas and an additional 0.5m in height. 

Image Courtesy of Magno Porfirio 

Porfirio's ADS-B station has a range of 254 nautical miles, which is approximately 470 km. His ADS-B station ranks 3rd in the state of Mato Grosso and 19th in the RadarBox ranking for Brazilian stations and 192nd in the global ranking. The Lucas do Rio Verde region is usually used for flights to the US from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil's economic center). 

Magno's ADS-B Unit's MyStation Page 

The Central-West region where he lives produces 46% of Brazil's cereals, legumes, and oilseeds: 111.5 million tons in 2020. And his state, Mato Grosso, leads as the largest national producer of grains in the country, with a 28.0% share, with Goiás (10.0%) in 4th place and Mato Grosso do Sul (7.9%) in 5th place. Mato Grosso is the largest soy producer in Brazil, with 26.9% of the total produced in 2020 (33.0 million tons). 

Location of Central-West region in Brazil - Source: Wikimedia 

Here is the location where the AirNav RadarBox ADS-B receiver is installed on Magno's family's property. It is an area surrounded by nature and without obstacles, with a 360º view in all directions.

Image Courtesy of Magno Porfirio 

Image Courtesy of Magno Porfirio 

One of his advice to RadarBox's new feeders is to learn more about ADS-B antennas, how it works, and how to adapt them to your reality in terms of installing the receiver and antenna.

Image Courtesy of Magno Porfirio 

Magno loves the RadarBox business subscription that all feeders are upgraded to once they start sharing data. Also, RadarBox weather information helps him monitor and accomplish his daily work and job assignments. He notes: "This information helps me monitor the local weather (rainfall). I am an agronomist, and it helps me execute some daily activities because the data is very accurate, and sometimes I can rearrange my activities as I observe the displacements of clouds and rains on the radar."

Magno discovered RadarBox through friends in online aviation groups and had applied for a free RadarBox ADS-B kit. He has been feeding RadarBox ever since he received it in 2019.

Lucas do Rio Verde, Brazil 

The city of Lucas do Rio Verde (in English, "Lucas of the Green River") is located in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso, 220 miles north of the state capital, Cuiabá. It has an area of 3,660 km² and a population of 67,620, many of whom are of German and Italian origin. 

Lucas do Rio Verde City - Photo source: Kililla YouTube Channel 

Lucas do Rio Verde from Above - Photo Source: Só Notícias

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