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Featured ADS-B Station for May 2021 in Finland

Pasi Junttila, our collaborator and ADS-B feeder in Finland

Pasi has been feeding ADS-B data to AirNav RadarBox since November 2020, in Suomussalmi, Kainuu region, in Finland.

According to him: "I started feeding the RadarBox in November 2020. My ADS-B antenna is mounted above the roof of the house. The height of the antenna from ground level is approximately 14 meters (45 ft) and about 240 meters (787 ft) above sea level."

Junttila's ADS-B Station has a range of 237 nautical miles (438 km) and covers almost all of Finland.

The #2 ADS-B station in Finland and #256 in the global ranking. 

PGANRB500796 ADS-B Station in Suomussalmi, Finland 

The image above: PGANRB500796 ADS-B station page

Xrange 2 

Pasi's station is equipped with the latest AirNav RadarBox receiver: Xrange 2. The ADS-B receiver with the best performance on the market.

The image above: AirNav RadarBox XRange2 - Enhanced ADS-B Receiver

The installation site:

Photo courtesy of Pasi Junttila 

Regarding the installation, Pasi relates: "AirNav RadarBox ADS-B antenna is lightweight, so it’s easy to install into some pipe above the roof of the house. I had an older antenna cable installed on the roof to the feed room, so I use it to connect the antenna to the receiver. About the cable, it is a low-loss cable (eco flex 10) to keep the signal high inside the feed box. This location is in the countryside, so power drops occur often, but those aren't long.  However, still, it causes problems for feeding, so I use UPS with good batteries inside the feed room for internet connection and to maintain them powered on even power drops stays max. 2 hours." 

The image above: Installation Site Surroundings


Suomussalmi is a city in Finland and is located in the Kainuu region about 100 kilometers (62 mi) northeast of Kajaani, the capital of Kainuu. The town has a population of 7,583. 

An aerial view of Ämmänsaari - Suomussalmi - Photo by: KunEdustan 

Suomussalmi - Photo courtesy by Suomussalmi.fi

Suomussalmi Nature - Photo courtesy by Suomussalmi.fi

Northern Lights - Hossa National Park - Photo by: Julma Ölkky - Suomussalmi.fi 

Junttila tells us how he found out about RadarBox: "This location is a popular route from many airports in Europe to Japan, so I saw a lot of planes and was wondering what planes those are. Later, I heard from my friend about feeding ADS-B data. I found RadarBox, and I applied for a free ADS-B receiver, and they approved me due to my location. And then, I got a postal package with all the needed equipment (a complete ADS-B kit) to start feeding." 

About being part of the AirNav RadarBox ADS-B global network: "RadarBox has excellent pages for own station map pages, where you can see coverage for different directions. This site is near a watershed, consequently, helps to get good coverage in many directions, but it is also limiting the coverage a bit to the east. I think it is somewhat gratifying to be able to help in my area with ADS-B data."

AirNav RadarBox Global Coverage Map

We currently have a global ADS-B network of more than 23,000 receivers in over 174 countries across the world.

Within 30 days, 331 new ADS-B receivers were added worldwide. An extraordinary number! It demonstrates our effort to always invest in the quality and safety of our services.

We receive more than 2 billion ADS-B messages on our servers each day and bandwidth usage of 1.70 billion Tbytes monthly.

The image above: AirNav RadarBox global coverage data

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