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Featured ADS-B Station for April 2022 - Didier Trudelle (France) - PGANRB500917

Didier Trudelle, AirNav RadarBox ADS-B feeder in Mulsanne, France -  Photo Courtesy of Didier Trudelle 

Didier Trudelle is a ham radio operator and one of RadarBox's ADS-B feeders in France. He has been feeding since 2016 and  currently lives in a small village of 5000 inhabitants, Mulsanne, 10 km from Le Mans in France. Continue reading our blog post to learn more about Didier's story.

Photo Courtesy of Didier Trudelle 

Here are some photos of Didier's setup. Didier owns several antennas and is passionate about aviation and electronics.

Photo Courtesy of Didier Trudelle 

Didier's ADS-B station currently ranks 3rd in France with a range of 260 nautical miles, covering almost all of France and part of Belgium with 1.6 million data packets received daily. 

Didier's ADS-B Station (PGANRB500917) in Mulsanne, France 

Didier loves the RadarBox business subscription that all feeders are upgraded to once they start sharing data. He says, "The free Business account is a huge plus; it basically unlocks everything that RadarBox has to offer."

AirNav RadarBox Global Coverage Map

AirNav RadarBox currently operates a global ADS-B network of over 27,500 receivers in more than 175 countries worldwide. In the last seven days, 259 new ADS-B receivers/stations were added worldwide. 

10 ADS-B stations:

AirNav RadarBox top 10 ADS-B stations

Mulsanne (France) 

Mulsanne is a commune in the Sarthe department in the region of Pays de la Loire in north-western France. 

Touzé Eric, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

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