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Featured ADS-B Station for April 2021 in Spain

Victor Ribera Ballester, our collaborator and ADS-B feeder in Spain 

Victor has been feeding the AirNav RadarBox since May 26, 2020, in the city of Vinaròs in eastern Spain. According to him: "My first AirNav station was an old computer running 24/7 with an SDR and homemade antenna, my first one is a simple ground plane. With my Raspberry 3b+ since Feb 2021, using a homemade J-pole, and with the Xrange 2 since a few months."

PGANRB500802 ADS-B Station in Vinaròs, in Spain

EXTRPI010058 ADS-B station in Vinaròs, in Spain

Xrange 2 

Victor's ADS-B station with an official AirNav RadarBox Xrange 2 receiver has a range of 363 nautical miles or 672 km. The #6 station in Spain and #223 in the world ranking.

The installation site:

Photos courtesy of Victor Ribera

Photos courtesy of Victor Ribera

Photos courtesy of Victor Ribera

The antennas are on top of the garage, 10 meters above the ground and 80 meters above sea level, with a 360º view and without any obstacles.

And some advice from Victor regarding the setup, he tells us: "At the 1090mhz frequency, the frequency generally used by ADS-B, the issue involving distance on metal objects near 2m or more is somewhat critical. Keep any WIFI hotspot, router, or sender 2 meters or more away from the setup. In an area or region with lots of wind, keep the antenna very strong, no vibrations, because vibrations affect reception efficiency, and keep your antenna without any obstacles around."

Vinaròs - Spain 

It's a town located in eastern Spain and the capital of the Baix Maestrat. It's in the province of Castellón, within the Valencian Community. Vinaròs is a fishing harbour and tourist destination.

Vinaròs Marina, Spain - Photo by Marina.com

Vinaròs, Spain - Photo by Novasol.com

Platja del Forti, Vinaròs, Spain - Photo by Turisme.vinaros.es

He discovered RadarBox through a friend from Fuengirola (Spain) who has been feeding RadarBox for many years. And about being part of RadarBox's global ADS-B network, Victor tells us: "It is a great privilege to be part of something so important for aviation safety, and a tool used by pilots, airlines, air traffic controllers, ground staff, spotters, and all people in aviation, and that we collaborators and ADS-B feeders, we contribute to something so important."

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