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FAA orders inspection of Boeing 777s after United engine failure

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The U.S Federal Aviation Administration said on Sunday that it is issuing an emergency airworthiness directive after an engine failure on a United Boeing 777 in Denver, requiring immediate or intensified inspections of similar planes.

In the U.S there are 24 aircraft in total, since United has 24 777-200 jets with PW engines, while American Airlines 777-200 jets have Rolls-Royce engines and the ones Delta operated, with the 200LR variant, were powered by engines GE.

Steve Dickson, director of the FAA, the U.S civil aviation regulatory agency, said the measure is necessary to inspect the 777 PW engines, which "are unique in that they have hollow vane", pointing to a possible flaw in the fan vane (fan).

The extent of this FAA guideline is not yet known because it is yet to be published, but requires that planes be stopped for immediate mandatory inspection.

FAA Statement 

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