Exploring the Skies With JustPlanes: Biman's Epic Journey from Heathrow to Dhaka and Beyond

Biman Bangladesh Airlines, renowned for its commitment to safe and efficient air travel, has recently made its mark in the aviation world as the 344th airline to join the esteemed cockpit series. This milestone is celebrated through a double video release that offers aviation enthusiasts an exclusive peek into the cockpit operations of Biman's diverse fleet.

The highlight of this release is a riveting journey aboard the Boeing 787-9, flying from the bustling hub of Heathrow to the vibrant city of Dhaka. Capturing the essence of modern aviation, viewers are treated to four captivating flights on the London route, witnessing firsthand the precision and skill of Biman's experienced pilots.

The allure of the cockpit series lies in its ability to provide a behind-the-scenes look at an airline's intricate operations. Through the lens of JustPlanes, viewers gain unprecedented access to the inner workings of Biman's flights, from pre-flight preparations to in-flight procedures. Every detail is meticulously documented, offering a comprehensive understanding of modern aircraft's complexities.

What sets this release apart is the collaboration between Biman Bangladesh Airlines and JustPlanes, with the latter utilizing data provided by the airline to enhance the authenticity of the experience. By incorporating real-world insights from Biman's cockpit crew, viewers are offered a true-to-life depiction of the challenges and triumphs encountered during each flight.

In addition to the Boeing 787-9 and Q-400 flights, the double video release also showcases Biman's versatile fleet, including the Boeing 737-800 and the Boeing 777-300ER. From flights to Singapore and Kathmandu to a bonus journey to Sylhet, viewers are treated to diverse destinations, each offering its unique charm and allure.

For more information about this film, please visit:

JUST PLANES http://www.justplanes.com

DOWNLOAD STORE http://shop.justplanes.com/


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