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AirNav Exclusive: 3 Features You'll only find on Radarbox

Flight Activity, Heat Maps & Aircraft Utilization Statistics

AirNav RadarBox's unique proposition to our customers and users comprises various features that distinguish us from our competition. Features like Flight Activity, Heatmaps are some exclusive additions that can lead to enhanced data-driven insights that can lead to better business and operations decisions. 


1. Flight Activity 

This feature is unique in that it allows a dashboard view of all flight activity. Customers need not switch windows or open multiple web pages to view flight activity. Various metrics can be displayed such as flight duration, takeoff and landing time, arrival and departure airports, among others. 


2. Heat Maps

The second unique feature is HeatMaps. This visual representation distinctly displays arrival and departure airports of fleet aircraft, flight frequency as well as other customizable metrics that give meaningful information at a glance. Customers can also quickly generate a graph when required to see various data points to make business-critical decisions. 


3. Aircraft Utilization Statistics

The third feature is Aircraft utilization. This feature gives customers the ability to display relevant information about an aircraft fleet such as the number of flights in a given month, flight hours, etc. Additionally, customers can also see the total distance traveled of all aircraft in the fleet as well as averages based on flights per day, month, and year. 

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