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Data Sources: ASDE-X

The Image Above: Aircraft on the ground tracked via ASDE-X

As the market leader in the flight tracking domain, AirNav Systems' operates one of the world's largest ground-based ADS-B networks, and aggregates flight data from 12 different data sources such as ADS-B, UAT 978, ASDE-X, EUROCONTROL, FAA SWIM and MLAT.

This week we'll be featuring ASDE-X (Airport Surface Detection Equipment Model X), a surface movement radar that allows air traffic controllers to track the surface movements of aircraft and vehicles on the ground.

Generally, this data is received from a surface movement radar located in the airport's tower, equipped with MLAT (multilateration) sensors, ADS-B sensors, terminal radars, and aircraft transponders data.


ASDE-X alerts air traffic controllers (ATC) of potential runway collisions by providing detailed coverage of runway movement. The data derived from ASDE-X originates from a variety of sensors to track non-transponder and transponder-equipped vehicles and aircraft at airports across the U.S. It is provided by the FAA (U.S. Federal Aviation Administration).

This data source is currently available on RadarBox.com and RadarBox.com, and RadarBox apps, ensuring a higher level of accuracy and reliability on our flight tracking platforms. 

The Image Above: Flights at DTW (Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport) tracked via ASDE-X

Above, we can see some grounded aircraft tracked by the ASDE-X system at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport and ground vehicles equipped with ADS-B. A tracking system developed to help reduce critical incursions into category A and B runways.

The Image Above: Aircraft on the ground tracked via ASDE-X

For example, in the screenshot above are all aircraft tracked via ASDE-X and ground vehicles at George Bush Intercontinental Airport. 

AirNav RadarBox Global Coverage 

The Image Above: AirNav RadarBox Global Coverage Map

Our flight data is aggregated from +14 different sources to ensure tracking continuity, accuracy, and redundancy, including:

  • 1 - ADS-B (Satellite-based)
  • 2- ADS-B (Ground-based)
  • 3 - FAA SWIM
  • 4 - Eurocontrol
  • 5 - MLAT
  • 6 - ADS-C
  • 7 - HFDL
  • 8 - FLIFO
  • 9 - ASDE-X
  • 10 - FLARM
  • 11 - Australia ANSP
  • 12 - Oceanic
  • 13 - UAT 978 MHz

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