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Commercial flight statistics in early 2021

After 2020 and its impact on aviation due to the pandemic, we will analyze the flow of commercial flights around the world in early 2021.

As of this year, in the first week of January 2021, between the days, between February 1st and 7th, there was a drop of -41.05% compared to the same period of the previous year. There were 101,566 flights compared to 59,869 flights that year.

February 1st to January 7th

Between January 8 and February 14 there was a 41.01% drop compared to last year. In the following weeks from January 15th to January 29th, the drop ranged from -45% to -48% less commercial flight flow compared to last year.

January 8th to January 14th

January 15th to January 21st

January 22nd to January 28th

January 29th to February 4th

In February 2021, between February 5th and February 11th, the drop was 45%. There were 90,669 flights in the same period last year compared to 49,539 flights in the same period in February this year.

February 5th - February 11th

February 12th to February 18th

On average, the drop in the flow of commercial flights was -45% to 48% compared to the same period last year and in comparation to 2019.

The pandemic is still reflected in aviation, especially in commercial aviation, with the decrease in flights around the world.

The trend is that these numbers gradually improve with mass vaccination, and that, thus, commercial travel and flights may gradually return.

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