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Benefits of being a RadarBox feeder

The image above: RadarBox feeders from all over the world

Our feeders are the heart of RadarBox's worldwide ADS-B ground coverage. We currently have an ADS-B network of +24,000 receivers in over 173 countries. Without consistent data sharing support from our feeders, our coverage would be somewhat limited, but thanks to our feeders, we have one of the largest and most accurate ADS-B networks in the world.

With an appreciation and love for our feeders in mind, Radarbox is constantly looking for ways to support and appreciate our feeders for the vital role they play in our company. 

Some of the benefits feeders receive for sharing data with Radarbox include:

  1. Free Business Accounts
  2. Radarbox MyStation Page (Receiver Monitoring) & Global ranking 
  3. Dedicated Whatsapp, Facebook & Telegram Groups
  4. Top 10 Stations Recognition (Certificates)
  5. Feeder Recognition (Radarbox Blog) 

1. Free Business Accounts 

The image above: RadarBox subscription plans

One of the benefits of contributing to RadarBox is to have access to a free business account with no ads or timeouts and features such as aircraft/airport utilization statistics and heat maps, push notification, 365-day historical flight data, 7 different maps types, and 8 weather layers, etc. 

The image above: RadarBox Premium Mobile Apps

2. My Station Page 

The image above: Radar My Station Page 

RadarBox provides an individual panel for each ADS-B or VHF station with information such as maximum range, station status (online and offline), and the number of messages received throughout the day, week, and per month, the last 20 tracked flights, among other data.

2.1 RadarBox stations - Ranking 

3. Dedicated Whatsapp (English, Spanish and Portuguese) & Facebook Groups

The image above: RadarBox's WhatsApp Group

3.1 Dedicated Telegram Group

The image above: RadarBox's Telegram Group

We also provide WhatsApp & Telegram groups (in English, Portuguese and Spanish) with feeders from all over the world, exchanging knowledge with each other throughout the week.

3.1 Facebook group (RadarBox Spotters)

4. Top 10 Stations Recognition (Certificates)

The image above: Certificates Presented to Top 10 Feeders

The top 10 ADS-B stations are recognized annually and every six months. Our goal is to value and appreciate our feeders for the role they play in our company. Our evaluation criteria are based on the top 10 ADS-B stations with the best range, the highest number of positions & flights received over six months around the world as ranked globally by RadarBox.

5. Feeder Recognition (Radarbox Blog) 

The image above: RadarBox: 

Monthly, we recognize one of our ADS-B feeders worldwide - telling their stories and some advice and testimony of their experiences as a RadarBox feeder. 

Why share data with RadarBox?It Benefits Everyone

It Benefits Everyone

Tracking the flight of a family member or friend in the comfort of your home was impossible 15 years ago. And it still would not have been possible today, if not for the thousands of volunteers around the world, who share crucial ADS-B flight data every day, with flight tracking companies such as Radarbox to enable real-time flight tracking.

Sharing Data Helps

How to share data with RadarBox?

The image above: RadarBox.com

Step 1: By accessing RadarBox.com, there will be a tab called "Coverage" at the top of the page; click on that, and go to "Share ADS-B Data".

The image above: RadarBox.com/addcoverage page

Step 2: If you have a receiver, click on: "I have an ADS-B/Mode-s receiver". If not, apply for a free ADS-B receiver by selecting the  "I don' have a receiver" option. 

The image above: RadarBox.com/addcoverage page

Step 3: On this screen, will be displayed two options: "Apply for a free receiver" or "Buy a receiver. Choose one of the options and proceed further.."

The image above: RadarBox.com/addcoverage page

If you've selected the option "I have a Mode-S receiver", a list of receivers will be displayed, and you will choose which receiver model you have. But if you don't have a receiver, select the "I don't have a receiver" option.

Sharing Airband Feed 

If you have a device monitoring VHF you can now share your feed with us and get a FREE upgrade to a Business Account!

Find out how by clicking here.

About being part of RadarBox Family 

RadarBox ADS-B feeder in Canada, Leander Baikie, and one of the participants along with his family in a comedy reality television series named Last Stop Garage on Discovery Canada.

"I am proud to be a part of the RadarBox interconnected system as air travel is such an important part of life in the North, and watching which aircraft are flying overhead is entertaining. Our local pilots and FBO's appreciate such a service.  Our airport at 5 Wing Goose Bay, which was built in the early 1940s for the Second World War, continues to serve as an air bridge to Europe and to the rest of the world." - Leander Baikie.

Zsolt Mate, our ADS-B feeder in New Zealand 

"I am very happy to be able to share data for an area that needed coverage, and maybe helping with ADS-B and MLAT coverage in my region." - Zsolt Mate. 

Victor Ribera Ballester, our ADS-B feeder in Spain 

"It is a privilege to be part of something so important for aviation safety, and a tool used by pilots, airlines, air traffic controllers, ground staff, spotters, and the aviation industry. We contribute to something essential for aviation." - Victor Ballester 


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