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AirNav RadarBox Releases 3 Updates - Aircraft Labels & Two New Map Options

The Image Above: Air Traffic in New York (JFK) with the aircraft labels displayed on RadarBox.com

Recently, we've added a new update to the aircraft labels in the latest version of the RadarBox app and the website. With this update, you can choose which elements you want to see on the label for each aircraft on the map. The label is displayed when less than 250 aircraft are visible on the map. 

The aircraft label options show up for each aircraft, and what's more, you can choose what data you want displayed on the label. Some examples of what you can display on the label are below.

  1. Airline logo
  2. Flight number
  3. Route
  4. Model & Registration 

How to activate Aircraft Labels on RadarBox.com 

The Image Above: Map Options on RadarBox.com

Step 1 - Click on the "Map Options" button that's on the right side of the screen (on the website), then scroll down until you find "Aircraft Labels". Next, to activate aircraft labels, just click or select: "Always Show (Under 250 aircraft)".

The Image Above: The aircraft labels you can choose to be displayed on the RadarBox map

Step 2 - Choose which label information you want to see on the label. If you look at the preview box below, you'll also see how you're label looks with your customizations. 

Step 3 - That's it! You've successfully activated & customized your labels. Simply follow the steps above to customize your labels again. 

Filed Flight Plan & Labels on Hover

We've also added two new features called "Filed Flight Plan" and "

  • Show Filed flight plan: This is a map option where you can opt to show/hide a flight's flight plan when it is available.
  • show the labels when they are hovering on the map.

The Image Above: "Filed Flight Plan" and "

The development team at RadarBox is hard at work to deliver a more intuitive interface and better features. Be sure to explore the full potential of our new Aircraft Labels options on RadarBox.com no!

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