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AirNav RadarBox Featured ADS-B Station - October 2021 - Cayman Islands - Travis

Trevis S., our ADS-B feeder in North Sound Estates, Cayman Islands 

Travis is an aviation enthusiast and RadarBox data feeder from the Cayman Islands, a British overseas territory located in the western Caribbean Sea. 

He has been sharing flight data with AirNav RadarBox since October 2021 and ranks 2nd in RadarBox's ranking of ADS-B stations in the Cayman Islands. His station also has an impressive range of 196 nautical miles (approx. 362 kilometers / 225 miles). 

The Image Above: MyStation Page on RadarBox.com

Installation Site 

Photo courtesy of Travis S.

Travis has mounted his antenna about 32 feet above ground level, on the eave of his roof (as seen in the picture above), where it is attached to a pole for stability. He says, "It's a work in progress, being new to feeding data, and I have learned much already from the forums regarding the reduction of interference, best mounting practices, and ensuring an optimal connection. I intend to shift the mount in the future to a 4-foot post to ensure better signal to the south and southeast. However, I am quite pleased with how great the range is on the first try."

Photo courtesy of Travis S.

Travis also has a few words of advice for new feeders regarding the installation of the ADS-B kit: "Do as much research as you can to ensure you understand how the feeding process works, how best to mount your antenna, and understand nothing will be perfect! There are plenty of resources online and within the AirNav Radarbox official forum from very experienced community members. Don't be afraid to ask for help, either!" 

Travis found RadarBox in 2014 when he was looking for a reliable flight tracker that was easy to use. RadarBox was one of the first search results that popped up. Plus he found the name and logo pretty catchy. Since then he's been hooked on to RadarBox as a flight tracking tool to track flights of friends & family flying overseas and to & from the Cayman Islands. 

His experience while applying for an ADS-B receiver from RadarBox was hassle-free as well. He says, "I applied, and within a day, I was responded to by Victor on getting set up with a receiver. Initial shipping from Radarbox HQ to final installation happened in only three weeks." 

Travis concludes by emphasizing the numerous benefits RadarBox ADS-B feeders get: "Having a RadarBox station is great for many reasons. To name a few, you get to engage with a great community of other feeders who are all very knowledgeable and love to help out. RadarBox upgrades your account for free to their Business plan - which has a ton of neat features. This was my first ever setup of this type of receiving station, and it was so seamless in getting connected - as soon as I plugged the ethernet cable into my router, I instantly got the email stating my station was online and connected."

Cayman Islands 

The Cayman Islands is a British Overseas Territory located in the Caribbean Sea. The island is divided into three regions: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman, which are located northwest of Jamaica and south of Cuba. Tourism is a major source of revenue for the Island. 

Cayman Islands - Photo Source: Holland American Line

North Side, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands - Photo Source: Cayman Resident 

AirNav RadarBox Global Coverage Map

Currently, AirNav RadarBox boasts of a global ADS-B network of more than 27,000 receivers in over 175 countries.

In the last 7 days, 307 new ADS-B receivers have been added to the network demonstrating the company's effort to always invest in the quality and reliability of flight data & tracking services. RadarBox receives on average over 5 billion ADS-B messages (position data and other flight parameters) with an average bandwidth usage of 6.51 billion terranbytes per month.

The image above: AirNav RadarBox global coverage data

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