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AirNav RadarBox Featured ADS-B Station - November 2021 - Jacob

Jacob, our ADS-B feeder in Nebraska, taking a selfie with his setup

Jacob is an aviation and electronics buff who lives in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. He is also a RadarBox ADS-B data feeder who has been sharing flight data since 2019. 

His love for flying and all things aviation can be seen in the photo below, where his entire Flight Simulator setup is displayed. 

The Image Above: Jacob's Flight Simulator Setup - Photo courtesy of Jacob F.

Jacob's ADS-B station (EXTRPI001161) currently has an average range of 248 nautical miles and is ranked #2 in Nebraska and is a top 20 ADS-B station in the US, with over 2 million ADS-B messages being shared daily with RadarBox.

The Image Above: MyStation Page - RadarBox.com

Installation Site

His RadarBox antenna is about 30 feet from the ground, on the northern peak, which helps him get excellent range and a clear view of the sky. To the north of his station is the local airport that serves both commercial and military flights.


North View - Image Courtesy of Jacob F.

Antenna installation site - Image Courtesy of Jacob F.

Antenna installation site - Image Courtesy of Jacob F.

ADS-B Setup (Raspberry Pi + Doongle) - Image Courtesy of Jacob F.

Jacob heard about AirNav RadarBox through a friend. He says, "A friend got me into 3D Printing, which led to me creating an octoprint setup on a Raspberry Pi. I had never even heard of a Pi at the time, and it piqued my interest. So, I started looking around for other pi projects to do and ran across building a feeder. I was already a huge aviation enthusiast. I started with one feeder, which turned into two. I now have around ten raspberry pi's running around the house doing various tasks such as running pi-hole, magic mirror, Octoprint Servers, etc."

About being part of the RadarBox feeders family, Jacob says, "The great thing about feeding the system is the ability to help others potentially. I love the benefit of a free account and the amazement I get from people. They just can't ever believe how many planes I can track. It's fun, it's exciting."

Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln is the capital city of Nebraska and the county seat of Lancaster County, with a population of 289,102 in 2019. It is the second-most populous city in Nebraska, in the USA.

Downtown Lincoln skyline - Photo Source: Hanyou23 - CC BY-SA 4.0

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