AirNav RadarBox Feature of the Week: HI, VFR & LO Maps

The Image Above: Sky Vector VFR Map displayed on

RadarBox is committed to offering its users the freedom to customize their views on the website and app. One customization that users love is the ability to choose and customize maps with overlays and other features. RadarBox offers users 7 unique maps to choose from, however for this week's feature of the week, we'll be focusing on the SkyVector set of maps.

There are 3 SkyVector maps currently offered:

  1. SkyVector VFR
  2. SkyVector Lo
  3. SkyVector Hi


1. SkyVector VFR

SkyVector's VRF (Visual Flight Rules) aeronautical chart is designed to be a navigation reference for pilots to use during flight planning and flights.

The Image Above: SkyVector VFR Map displayed on


Before we get into what SkyVector HI and SkyVector LO are, we need to understand what airways or "air routes" are. Routes known as "highways of the skies", are fixed tracks or paths in the sky used during navigation and flight planning by pilots and dispatchers all over the world.

2. SkyVector Lo (Low Altitude Airways) 

Map designed especially for flight crews and pilots. This option displays navigation waypoints and low-altitude flights (below 18,000 feet (5,500 m). 

The Image Above: SkyVector LO Map displayed on

3. SkyVector Hi (High Altitudes)

This map option displays waypoints and routes for high-altitude flights (from 18,000 feet - 5,500 meters)—an essential tool (aeronautical charts) for pilots, dispatchers, and flight crews in general. 

The Image Above: SkyVector Hi Map displayed on


Visit, and on the right sidebar click "Map Options," then click on the map you'd like to use. 

The Image above: Tutorial on how to activate the Skyvector maps

RadarBox Apps 

The Image above: Tutorial on how to activate the Skyvector maps in the RadarBox app

The three map options are also available in the RadarBox apps. Just log into your application and go to "Map Options," and choose the map style. In the example above, we've selected the SkyVector VRF map style option.

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