AirNav RadarBox Attends HAI-Heli Expo in Atlanta

AirNav RadarBox Presence at HAI Heli-Expo 2023 in Atlanta

We had the pleasure of attending the HAI Heli-Expo this week in Atlanta, the world's largest helicopter trade show. The exhibition brought together professionals from the helicopter industry, including renowned leaders, manufacturers, and operators from various parts of the world, to display and exhibit the latest technological advancements and innovations in the field.

HAI Heli-Expo

HAI HELI-EXPO is the world's largest trade show dedicated to the international helicopter community.

HAI Heli-Expo 2023 in Atlanta

HAI Heli-Expo 2023 in Atlanta

HAI Heli-Expo 2023 in Atlanta

This time's focus was on data solutions and tracking services. Present at our booth were CEO Andre Brandao and Oleg Rakhimov (VP), and Ashley W. Our team demonstrated our cutting-edge flight-tracking capabilities, which leverage a global network of ground-based receivers and advanced ADS-B & satellite-based ADS-B technology to provide real-time tracking of aircraft & fleets around the world.

Andre Brandao, Oleg Rakhimov & Ashley W. at HAI-Heli Expo 2023

We ensure the accuracy and reliability of our data by providing 14+ different data sources and owning one of the world's biggest ADS-B networks with over 27,000 stations worldwide. Our data sources include: 

  1. ADS-B (Satellite-based)
  2. UAT (978 MHz)
  3. ADS-B (Ground-based)
  5. Eurocontrol
  6. MLAT
  7. Oceanic
  8. ADS-C
  9. HFDL
  10. FLIFO
  11. ASDE-X
  12. FLARM
  13. Australia ANSP
  14. MERGED

HAI Heli-Expo 2023 in Atlanta

HAI Heli-Expo 2023 in Atlanta

HAI Heli-Expo 2023 in Atlanta

During our participation at HAI Heli Expo, we held several discussions and meetings with potential clients and prominent aviation companies in attendance.

Ashley W. at HAI-Heli Expo 2023 in Atlanta

With more than two decades of market experience and a leading position in the industry, AirNav RadarBox was delighted to showcase its exclusive flight-tracking and data solutions during the expo, connecting with airlines, helicopter manufacturers, and customers throughout the event.

Andre Brandao, CEO of AirNav RadarBox, at HAI-Heli Expo 2023

Attendees at the event had the chance to familiarize themselves with our extensive global coverage map, our over 14 diverse data sources, and AirNav API services, including the Data Stream and On-Demand API. They also had the opportunity to discuss their needs and potential future contracts with our team.  

Ashley W. at HAI-Heli Expo 2023 in Atlanta

HAI-Heli Expo 2023 Galery

Aerospatiale AS 365 N2 Dauphin (N199SM) - Hai-Heli Expo 2023 in Atlanta

N199SM Route Heatmap provided by AirNav RadarBox

AgustaWestland AW139 (N83NL) - Hai-Heli Expo 2023 in Atlanta

N83NL Utilization Statistics provided by AirNav RadarBox

Private helicopter at HAI Heli-Expo 2023 in Atlanta

HAI Heli-Expo 2023 in Atlanta

HAI Heli-Expo 2023 in Atlanta

HAI Heli-Expo 2023 in Atlanta

Firehose API & Data Analytics

AirNav RadarBox Firehose API solutions page displayed on the screen

The Firehose API & Data Analytics tool is AirNav's enterprise-level API, which includes over 100 data fields such as Call Sign, Speed, Altitude, and Log, among other data fields. This data is available in popular formats such as JSON, XML, and CSV.

RadarBox Firehose API was designed especially for entities & developers looking to access a large volume of flight data seamlessly.

Why choose AirNav RadarBox Firehose API?

  1. Multiple Data Sources -  ADS-B, FAA SWIM, Oceanic, MLAT, Satellite ADS-C, HF ADS-C & Satellite ADS-B.
  2. 24x7 Support Free - round-the-clock customer support.
  3. Easy Integration - Hassle-free integration into the client application.
  4. Scalable Lower cost - Scalable data access solutions for customers looking to develop and grow.

Data Analytics

AirNav RadarBox Business Intelligence and Data Analytics solutions help companies obtain flight data reports for a wide range of applications, including asset and risk management, competitor analysis, noise monitoring, fleet management, and post-flight monitoring.

Documentation & Information

For more information on documentation, pricing, downloading our client SDK, and data sources, please visit -

For any questions or information, please email us at [email protected] or call us at +1 800-401-2474 to discuss the best flight data and tracking solution for you. 



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