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AirNav RadarBox: Airport List


Airport List Page (RadarBox.com) 

Today's blog post features the AirNav RadarBox Airport page that provides information about airports worldwide. Continue reading our blog post to learn more!

To access the Airports Page, visit RadarBox.com, and select the option "History", then choose "Airports,".  

Airport List Page (RadarBox.com) 

Choose the desired country, and select the desired airport from the list. Easy, isn't it?

Airport List Page (RadarBox.com) 

Alternatively, you can type in the airport name or ICAO or IATA code for the airport you are looking for. In this case, we've searched for Lisbon Portela airport using the ICAO code LPPT or the IATA code LIS.

Airport List Page (RadarBox.com) 

Once you've entered the desired airport name, click on the airport from the options displayed. After clicking on the airport link, a page with all the airport information will populate your screen.

Airport List Page (RadarBox.com) 

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