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AirNav RadarBox Adds a New Feature to MyStation Page

The Image Above: My Station Page available on RadarBox.com 

AirNav RadarBox provides a receiver dashboard for all feeders (ADS-B & VHF feeders) with information such as range, receiver uptime, local and global rankings. This receiver dashboard, known as "MyStation", is updated minute by minute to provide RadarBox Feeders the latest status updates on their ADS-B receiver.

What's new? 

The MyStation page now displays the location of synced MLAT stations on the map (if MLAT is enabled), allowing you to click on the station of your choice and view it. 

The Image Above: Nearby synced MLAT station icons (in green)

As you can see in the screenshot below, clicking on the icon of a specific station will display the ADS-B or VHF station number.

The Image Above: Name & Number of Nearby Synced MLAT Stations 

How to enable Synced MLAT Station?

To activate this feature, you need to have an ADS-B or VHF station linked into your RadarBox.com account and go to "Map Options" then "Routes" and select the "Show Synced MLAT Stations" option. 

The Image Above: Tutorial on how to activate Synced MLAT Stations

Feeders are at the heart of AirNav RadarBox ADS-B ground coverage. That without their support, our ADS-B coverage would be minimal. We currently have over 27,000 ADS-B stations in more than 174 countries around the world. And we're constantly looking for ways to support and appreciate our feeders for the vital role they play.

Some of the benefits feeders receive for sharing data with Radarbox include:

  1. Free Business Accounts
  2. Radarbox MyStation Page (Receiver Monitoring) & Global ranking 
  3. Dedicated Whatsapp, Facebook & Telegram Groups
  4. Top 10 Stations Recognition (Certificates)
  5. Feeder Recognition (Radarbox Blog) 

Read more about the benefits of being a feeder and being part of the RadarBox family - https://www.radarbox.com/blog/benefits-of-being-a-radarbox-ads-b-feeder

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The Image Above: AirNav RadarBox ADS-B and VHF hardware products


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