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AirNav RadarBox Adds Another Social Media: TikTok!

AirNav RadarBox is pleased to announce another addition to its social media arsenal! And that is TikTok!

TikTok is the latest social media in terms of providing audio-visual content, to which RadarBox will be incorporating both aviation videos and our products onto this platform. 

This also makes AirNav RadarBox the first flight tracking company to join TikTok!

We will be providing daily content onto the platform in the next couple of weeks to showcase both the best content in the sector, but also the best provider of flight tracking too!

We encourage our community to send us both photos and videos for us to use and feature yourselves on TikTok as we aim to expand the flight tracking community even further!

TikTok is also going to be a good way for our audience to see what popular features that we have at RadarBox.com, so be sure to tune in when we release such content!

So don't delay, follow us on TikTok today by clicking here!


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